POSI Seeking Direction

Hello all,

I tend to play in spurts, then leave for months at a time. I’ve been doing this since 2011, so I have got through a large amount of content, but I sometimes have fuzzy ideas of where to go next. Could you kind folks direct me to some high-level content to play? I’m looking for meaty story content, not a grindy goal. I’ll probably save up Notability to become a Glassman while I look for other stuff to do.

I’ll try to give some idea of where I am (spoiler alert), but I may have forgotten something from years ago:

  • My favorite stories (which I can’t continue until they update) are Ambition: Nemesis and Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name. I tend to enjoy grim Watchful/Dangerous stories that uncover mysteries about the setting. Even better if I go mad while doing so.
  • I’ve explored the Nadir a couple time and sold the location to the Revolutionaries. I would love to learn what the liberation of night is, if possible.
  • I have not visited Port Carnelian yet… but I suspect it’s a difficult Persuasive area judging by the unlock. I tend not to enjoy those, but let me know if I’m wrong.
  • I’ve gone through the wars of illusion, bred the hound of heaven, finished boxful of intrigue, got all the side streets stuff I’m interested in (except a couple carriages — any stories there?), explored the other ports I think.
  • I’m not currently looking for Fate-stories, but let me know if there’s a particularly astounding one. I’ve done Flute Street and the archaeology excavation.
  • Not too interested in Knife-and-Candle unless I’m missing something. Might recruit some of you as fellow murderers if there’s no other content in my reach?
  • I’m not interested in seduction stories. Doesn’t seem right while obsessively avenging my spouse.
  • Base stats are roughly 160 W, 140 S, 140 D, 110 P (with equipment about 200 ––> 130 in same order).

Thank you!
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Port Carnelian is definitely worth a look once your stats are up to it. It’s mainly a Persuasive and Watchful area, no seduction stories or anything like that. Have you finished the Jack-of-Smiles case?

Thanks, Sara. I have finished Jack-of-Smiles. What stats would you recommend for the Carnelian governorship?

Honestly, looking it over on the wiki I think it’d be fine for you to go whenever you’d like. Yes, the challenges are high (you’ll need 225 with equipment to make a lot of checks 100%). However, failure is so inconsequential that it makes a decent place to actually train your Persuasive up. You won’t have as profitable a time there, but at least failure doesn’t hurt.

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The Fate Locked part of the Labyrinth of Tigers is a lot of fun. Both breeding the Bifrucated Owl and the little side story with the bishop.

I’m in much the same situation (though I’ve also done all the Fate locked stories,) and I’m mostly spending my time prepping for the Holidays.

Exceptional Stories are also short but fun, if you’ve got the money for it, but I wouldn’t say they’re worth it on their own if the extra cards and actions don’t appeal. So far they seem designed to have no challenge, and to not touch on anything important to the overall world (for good reasons.)


  • My favorite stories (which I can’t continue until they update) are Ambition: Nemesis and Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name. I tend to enjoy grim Watchful/Dangerous stories that uncover mysteries about the setting. Even better if I go mad while doing so.[/quote]
    The best way to prepare for these two stories are to boost your stats to maximum.

You can learn about the Liberation of Night during Christmas or Hallowmas, where you can choose your Destiny. One branch will let you see what the Liberation of Night is, although other branches also reveal interesting secrets.

Persuasive AND Watchful 235 will ensure you pass all stats challenge there. The place is a good source of Elder and Cartography items without using up valuable Docks connection. But no, the place is not very grim.

Occasionally you will encounter a very hard Watchful challenge (100% success at 392), but you can always take other actions when it shows up.

Clay Sedan Chair should be skipped if you already finish the Jack case.
Respectable Landau gives a pretty good card.
None of the PoSI items have story, however.

Have you tried Shroom-Hopping?

There are interesting lore that can only be reached by having a ridiculous kill streak - consider asking other players or, well, browse a spoiler site by the name of St.Arthur.
Otherwise, consider joining the game (Moon League in particular), win once, and grind your way to a Waxwail Knife by exchanging Notability for Prize Tokens.

The Foreign Office can provide a non-responsive, non-loving spouses at the low low cost of 20 Fate. Like a vase, giving you some stats while being easily ignorable.

But I must admit, you are a wise person for realizing that seduction is a bad thing for the time being.
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Thank you for the suggestions, everyone. I’ve done more of these than I remembered — and am still not in the mood for grinding some of the rest — but there are some gems to explore. I may also get that Bifurcated Owl after all. I stopped short of clicking the final action, because I looked up its stats and was unimpressed. Today I found out that Biz/Dread/Resp reduces Making Waves requirements, and that I could be trading 8 MW instead of 13. X|