Port Carnelian coming?

So, the Echo Bazzar twitter just posted this:
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Just to let you know.

Time to raise a tiger army in my Foreign Posting to invade London mehopes. Now how to persuade them…

…I’m gonna need a LOT of rats.


Someone send me a lot of rats. Payment in high places of government when I pay them to eat The Masters and take over with my Tiger Army.

I think we need to think about this - another Twitter post

Tigers have the legal right to devour any human who enters into their sovereign territory uninvited. #PortCarnelian

I am incredibly delighted by the hints of new content, especially overzee! But I’ve also been a little uneasy about how the trope of ‘native’ played out in Sunless Sea - with the boy’s own adventure stuff in the empire of hands there was at least a good deal of subversion, and I felt the monkeys’ agenda was sensitively expressed so I guess I’m hoping that a) we do get to visit Port Carnelian and b) that the ‘natives’ that aren’t just potentially savage but placid, or mysterious and inscrutable (like I know they’re cats? and that this was a very logical intersection of these two long-running themes, which I find really neat! I found Maybe’s Daughter utterly captivating , and I would love to deliver more stories like that to the bazaar.)[li]
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And another…

First a Court of Cats, and now hints of Port Carnelian? Did Alexis just get a new kitten and feel the need to spread some feline joy…? Because I wholeheartedly approve. Cats are good…

Where’s my blunderbuss? Time to go ahuntin’

I’m looking forward to Port Carnelian opening up for us to visit! I love heading out to Zee to mix things up, and having a new location to choose from would be awesome.