Polythreme. Should I use my own ship?

I just got my own ship! Onward to Polythreme! …Wait, what do you mean by &quotAcross the Sea of Voices&quot ?

Turns out I need to approach my journey end TWICE to get there. Ouch.

And then I remember the Tramp steamer on the dock. The ticket isn’t cheap, but as they say, time is money. As far as I can tell from wiki, it requires only one trip, but how long does the trip last? I have no idea.

Has anyone tried that route? Will it actually save time?

I took that option once. It still took a while, since if I recall correctly the options there take multiple actions.

I don’t know about saving time but it is a fun trip … once :)

If you’re really good at Zailing (especially with the swift clipper), using your own ship can take less actions. Using the tramp-steamer gives a somewhat-unique storyline of a romance aboard ship, but nothing significant.

By the way you have to have a Screaming Map to cross the Sea of Voices. Also Zailing can be very luck dependent as the cards to progress are non-discardable, it can be quick but it can also be incredibly frustrating. I will say that the more you Zail the easier it becomes

Yeah. When making ready to embark on a voyage, the most important factor seems to be the state of your dwelling. Five card residences have a MUCH easier time at sea and at Polythreme than four, and I shudder to think of trying to sail with a three-card home active.

If you don’t have a five-card residence, you may have just enough time to steal 50 bazaar permits from the Flit and get the bazaar residence, and then upgrade it during the Christmas festivities (assuming that FB do that again this year). Could be worthwhile postponing your trip for a month or so, if you can.