So a friend and I are in dire straits. I have proposed to said friend, and friend has accepted. Great! Unfortunately, one of friend’s old flames has proposed, while I and friend are engaged, and for some reason, old flame’s proposal has gone through! It is in friend’s messages right now. Can it be accepted? Can you be &quotEngaged To:&quot more than one? There is drama here, but I only wish to know hard facts about this, in hopes of settling it.

Just murder him/her/it. This is London. Unless you want to form a three-person team on the Empress’ Throne.
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Oh wow! This is certainly interesting…

No idea about the hard facts. From the wiki it seems that you can’t make another proposal if you are already engaged, but no info on whether an engaged character can still accept any proposals.

Oh wait. Does that mean you can have multiple proposals sent before any recepient actually accept your proposal? Do those other outstanding proposal become “unacceptable” once the sending character has Engaged to 1? :-?

The latter. It works like Free Evening; if I had only 1 Free Evening but sent 5 invitation, the other 4 will become unacceptable once someone accept one because I no longer have the 1 Free Evening to qualify for the others.

They check the requirements again when you accept, so you can’t be engaged to more than one person.

Although you still can be Seen With as many people as you want, I belive.

I’ve received multiple marriage proposals.

I thought it was big of me.

So my partner decided to click “Accept” on the other proposal, just to check. She is now engaged to two people, though I am quite sure she can be only married to one.

What should I do about this now?

Learn how to share? Better plan: Threaten to cut her in two and see who… No, wait, that’s only if you’re a judge… Uhh… Move to Fallen Utah!

I guess it would be wrong to propose the game allow for polygamous marriages just so I can get multiple Souse mechanical benefits.

But who would say no to a Rubbery, Hedonistic three-way? Not I!

You know, taken out of FL context, ‘a Rubbery, Hedonistic three-way’ just sounds like an invitation to an orgy in a bouncy castle…

[quote=Nigel Overstreet]
But who would say no to a Rubbery, Hedonistic three-way? Not I![/quote]

What about Clay and Lacre?

Though, I should ask, given that we can get really high in notability, we might want to look at the “affairs” of the nobles.

If you’ve got money and power enough, you do what you want.

How about notability 15 turned in to get a second marrage at the same time?