[POLL] Which rare pet is your favourite one?

With all the weaselly stuff going on recently, this question popped into my mind. Also, I haven’t done a poll in a while and was showing signs of withdrawal :P

To answer the question ‘What is a Rare Pet and how do I get one?’
You can have only one of these, from a rare card drawn in a fixed location: the Weasel in Ladybones, the Dog in Veilgarden and the Euphonium in Spite. They can be sold at the Bazaar, so it’s possible to swap, but you can never have more than one of them at the same time.
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Weasel – but that just happens to be the one I have…

How about 2 Salt Weasels? :-)


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How- how did you do that? D:

I think there was a contest that could award a Salt Weasel back in the day. It was definitely before I joined, though, so I’m not 100% certain.

There was! I won one. That’s how I have one and a Haunted-Looking Dog.

Whatever happened to the pony? Was it just an urban legend? Did it exist and then get retired?

No idea! Never confirmed to have actually existed. But oh, the legend, the delicious legend…

I can’t remember if it was specifically a contest exactly. But it did involve a special access code which granted a Salt Weasel to the first X number of players to use it. (which I guess is also a kind of contest - to see how quickly you react to FBG posting access codes via social media).

Had I known in advance it would give a Salt Weasel I probably wouldn’t have used the access code, to allow others a chance at the rare pet (since I already had one).

And now with the 2 x Salt Weasels on my Mantelpiece, and the Weaseller quality on my Scrapbook, I’m feeling very weasely today…

Salt Weasel :)

The weaselest! Mine was from a Twitter contest to write a travel slogan for the Neath. Mine was something short and rhyming about hats and stone pigs.

The haunted pooch is supreme, it’s no contest at all for me. Now, I’m more concerned about how an euphonium is apparently considered… a pet. Something about this makes me uncomfortable, I can’t quite put a finger on it…-

No love for the euphonium? But mine is so sweet and makes such a lovely little quacking noise.

Rubbery Euphonium! It’s loud and makes no goddamn sense, much like me.

The Haunted-Looking Dog is the cutest dog in Fallen London. But the Rubbery Euphonium inspired me to name it &quotTalk Dirty To Me,&quot back when everyone was riffing on that song.

Gotta be the Rubbery Euphonium for me. Salt Weasels and Haunted-Looking Dogs are all well and good, but nothing can beat my good old Saxxy (who’s apparently a companion… although maybe it’s also the Rubbery playing it).

My favorite is the Salt Weasel, but I’ve never personally seen one. I have a Haunted-Looking Dog, and I can’t bring myself to give him up! He needs someone to look after him and console him. (Yes, I have lots of cats, but also lots of real estate and he…can live where the cats aren’t, if you take my meaning.)

Salt weasel is adorable, of course. It would definitely be my choice if there wasn’t a Rubbery Euphonium. It’s … a euphonium! Which is, somehow, a pet! It’s rubbery, and musical and it quacks mournfully and makes no sense whatsoever! How could that be resisted? Not to mention my collection of Rubbery musical instruments, and the Bellringer I got to curate it. I’m not sure if Euphonium is the assistant or an exibit. But it’s important.

But if not for euphonium, Salt Weasel would be a favorite. The dog is just a dog. I’m more of a cat person, anyway.

I’m a dog person.