Now, I understand that London still has a parliament and an Empress, however I’m more interested in how London relates to the rest of England. Does London still have a place in the heart of Britain, or is it more like a city-state? Does London still rule over the rest of England, or do they have another parliament in some other city? I can imagine a lot of the British people would not approve of being ruled by someone who literally associates with Devils, yet others would be too patriotic to consider such a change. If this is answered in-game and I’m just not up to that point, please let me know. Otherwise, discuss.[li]

Failbetter have long been vague about Surface affairs, especially what’s come of Britain without London. So, we’re very much free to speculate! Personally, I suspect that one or more ruling bodies have taken over the remainder of the UK - London has its Neathy territories but we never hear of its edicts being carried to Surface-locations.

Here’s an indirect confirmation of your theory: Surface Currency is a fairly exotic resource in Fallen London. Surely it would not be using a separate form of currency had it still been a part of a greater nation, though I am aware that the use of Echoes was imposed by the Masters.

Oh, I like what you said there, Lawrence. Though I don’t know for sure about these things, knowing how finicky Surface-travel is, I would hazard a guess to say that Britain has a new ruling body. I doubt those strange Surface folk would approve of what we do, anyhow.