PLOT: Comparing True London to Fallen London

Whatever happened to famous locations, such as (but not limited to) King’s Cross Station, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace? If it’s London, then these locations must have stood at one point, right? What happened to them after the Fall?

We’ve been having a crack at this in this thread! Some, like Big Ben, we have reasonably solid guesses for - others are still a mystery!

I’m pretty sure that the House of Chimes is Big Ben, I think the Shuttered Palace may be Buckingham Palace and for all I know the train to hell may have something to do with King’s Cross Station. Forgive me if im wrong but I have no idea, I don’t live in England.
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King’s Cross Station is close to Marylebone, isn’t it? So perhaps Moloch Street Station in Ladybones Road.

Big Ben — the &quotgreat and nameless bell&quot of the House of Chimes?

Buckingham Palace — the Shuttered Palace.

I’m sure someone more familiar with London could verify/expand.

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Big Ben = House of Chimes

Baker Street Station = Moloch Street Station

Kensington Palace = The Shuttered Palace