Please help a new player understand Lacre

I am going to try to word this so as to avoid spoilers for other new players.

I am in a place where I can spend &quotTaste of Lacre&quot for goodies. I have 5 ToL at the moment. I get the impression that this location is seasonal and therefore if I don’t spend the ToL now I may lose my opportunity, however, I don’t have enough ToL to buy some of the items and I have no idea how to get more.

My basic question is this: if I don’t spend my ToL, will it survive until the season rolls around again next year? When perhaps I may have a better grasp on the whole subject?

A secondary question might be this: Can I spend the little ToL I have now and be pretty sure that next year I’ll be able to get enough to fully exploit these options, assuming that I know what I’m doing the next time?

tl/dr; save or spend my 5 ToL?

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Taste of Lacre carry over to next year.

The actual pails of snow do not.

If you want 5-card lodgings I recommend you save them instead of spending them on random objects. There are also ways to spend them in the Nadir off-season, but I recommend you focus on lodgings above others.

Your TOL will still be there next year.
Apart from the seasonal advent calendar access codes and some visits from Mr Sacks you get TOL by using Pails of Snow (which will melt sometime). So if you have any of those it might be worth using them (though some of the actions are capped for TOL at a low level)

Personally with only 5 I would save it and get a head start on next year.

I agree with the other posters, but would point out that getting enough taste to buy five card lodgings is usually not hard if you treat Mr Sacks with care and collect all the free pails of lacre.

Preparing for next year, such as becoming a scholar of a correspondence, would also be useful. Saving it for next year is an option, but do you have a remote address?

If you are currently using three card lodgings, the remote address may be useful, taking some less-rewarding cards from the opportunity deck (admittedly a few rewarding cards as well - the music hall singer can be generous to her friends). Something to think about, anyway.

There are several lodgings that cost 3 taste of Lacre. They’re very useful, since they eliminate less-desirable “city vices” cards from your deck when you’re looking for more useful cards. Get one of those, but you only need one. They’re cool lore-wise, too.

They’re really just as useful as the 5 card lodgings: I just got both, and I’ve been using the 3 card “remote” one more than the 5 card one. So do that at least.

If you have “pails” of lacre left, you can increase your “taste” by dipping souls in them. You could also sell all your possessions to buy a Semiotic Monocle if you’re nuts.

Next year if you plan ahead, there should be absolutely no trouble getting everything you want. I don’t know if you’re currently a POSI or not (strategy and what you can get changes if you are), but I was able to get 3 out of the 4 things I wanted this year with absolutely no planning and a lot of scrambling around at the last minute.

Exactly what I was hoping for, thank you all for these responses! I will purchase one of the remote locations, carefully refill my ToL with my remaining pails of snow and wait for next year.
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