Please allow me to introduce myself

It could be argued that I am indeed a man of wealth and taste, but both of those things are simply so arbitrary and subjective; do let us put those points aside.

I suppose I’ve been occupying one corner or another of Fallen London for…say, two years now. Time certainly does fly. Tempus fugit, and all that. Since then, I’ve hunted the Vake, explored the Forgotten Quarter quite thoroughly, and become a Correspondent. Well, one must have goals, I suppose.

At this point, I have a 200 in Watchful and Shadowy (the latter telling me more about myself than I think I care to admit) and 191 in both Dangerous and Persuasive. I’m hovering around 200 in three or four Connections. I very recently installed Sunless Sea, and I have the honor of being in the iOS beta.

To be entirely straightforward, I don’t know if I’m looking for friends or connections of acquaintances here, but I imagine that another point of human interaction would not be entirely untoward. Certainly, from reading other posts, I can tell that there are intelligent individuals commenting here, so I thought to contribute. I’m also not entirely sure that introduction posts are common, necessary, or generally accepted, but &quotin for a penny, in for an Echo&quot, as they say.

In any case, thank you muchly for allowing me to contribute to this new fraternity. I’m sure my interactions here will be…


Not sure how much I can do when it comes to “human” interaction, but I’m always ready to befriend whoever is asking. Also, I must ask, have you ever had a run-in with Mr. Irons? Because I believe he might have a little something to say to a man who has the ability to control iron and its alloys (ferromancy).

Since this is your first post in the forums, I assume that you have not really made a lot of social actions (unless you approached people through the game).

Since you recently got Sunless Sea, you probably don’t have your own Panther yet. Post in the link below for a friendly person to gift you one. You can then pass it along to Sunless Sea without losing it in Fallen London.

If you want to help out some newer players, feel free to check here.

If you have any questions about POSI matters, post here… although at max stats, you may have already figured out most of it, so you can also answer questions, or chat.

Since you are max stat in two stats, if you have chosen your specialization, you can add someone as a Protegee for that stat here. They gain a good boost in stats each time that you do the social Action, and you gain Making Waves. It uses 1 Free Evening each time.

Welcome to the forums.[li]
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Thank you, everyone, for your exceedingly kind replies. The invitation, the links, and the proper introduction direction…it’s quite helpful.

I look forward to seeing what our new…relationship…will unleash in the game. :)