Player stat: PERSUASION

Does anyone else have this player stat, “PERSUASION” it seems one of my characters has developed it… -1 though. I’ve checked my obvious equipment, and nothing grants me this boon. Os this some kind of bug? It appears to be the fourth of the PoSI stat and has flavor text “[color=#ffffff]Do you have the gift of the gab or are you just unnaturally beautiful? [/color]” I’ve checked my main with similiar gear, and he doesn’t have it… the only thing I can come up with… is my main is male, whereas my alt (with this stat) is… of questionable gender.

Am i the only one suffering from this? Is it a bug? Or is there others (more fortunate) in the beautiful person’s club?

I’ve noticed this, and bug-reported it - in my case, it was from equipping an early, slightly buggy Bitter Saker Falcon, which mistakenly altered this quality instead of Persuasive. So, they’re aware of it and are working to fix it, though it’s a harmless and unobtrusive little bug, so I’m not overall bothered for the moment.

You see, that sounds about right Frederick… the only thing I could of guessed that i’ve done recently, was equip said Falcon… I guess they’re working on it now, i’ll bug report it non-the-less, more information is rarely a bad thing for developers to work with.

Sounds like a good plan - I daresay they’ll want to know who’s affected and under what circumstances! Perhaps you’ll be able to find a user-side solution that I couldn’t.

[color=#00ffff]There was indeed a temporary problem with the Bitter Saker Falcon which may have caused this. [/color][color=rgb(0, 255, 255)]If you’re affected by this bug, please let us know at and we’ll investigate. Thanks![/color]