Play-testing:The Hour

Now that we’ve turned monetization on, worlds like this one that have playtesting threads can request if they’re ready.

You can work out whether a world is ready for monetizing here:

FBG: I would love the ability to monetize my world. Many thanks.

I’m delighted to announce that we’ve turned on monetization for The Hour. Marvellous!

Many thanks for the monetization! Much appreciated.

Without further ado. I would like to thank everyone who playtested–if you haven’t heard, The Hour made it to an honorable mention spot in WOTS, something I was extremely excited about. Thank you all for your help and feedback! You may notice some changes going on in The Hour. Now that this season’s competition is over, I can resume building where I left off. But first, I need to take into account all the wonderful feedback from the WOTS judges, and from all of you. So, there are going to be some changes. Less time will be spent in “The Room,” and there will be a bit more explication, though not much. The first-person narrative will return (to an extent) for the remainder of the First Dream (after leaving The Room). The first section of the journey over the Plain (what now exists) will be shortened, and the access-code removed (I thought it a bit gimmicky, not worth the kink that results from clicking it). Once these edits are complete, the journey across the Plain will continue with a set of three new storylets, then come to a partial conclusion once the destination is reached. Then, the real fun will begin.

Just wanted to give you all a heads-up for what to expect in the next couple of weeks. Thanks again for all your help, and please, please keep playing.

edited by SomePerson on 10/24/2012

I just started and I’m really enjoying it! The story is well-written and intriguing. I also like the feeling of general confusion - keeps the mystery alive and all.

My only complaint is that most of the “Feeling” choices appear irrational, aside from the article-editing which simply focused on preference. Perhaps I read the murder wrong, but if you’re convicting someone with little proof, it’s still a possible “feeling” choice to wait for more evidence, as you could be wrongfully condemning them. I think it’d make more sense to have options like:
-Wait for more evidence. There isn’t enough to go on. [Thinking, No]
-Wait for more evidence. You could be wrongfully condemning them. [Feeling, No]
-Proclaim them guilty. You don’t have time for this. [Thinking, Yes]
-Proclaim them guilty. The family needs closure. [Feeling, Yes]
Obviously, that’s just an example - my point is that thinking and feeling are the reasoning behind decisions, but don’t necessarily color what those decisions would be.

But, this is just me being nitpicky as a MBTI dork. (: Seriously, great concept! I love the game so far.

Very interesting so far, first person narrative is cool, though the fact that I cant progress past Editing 10 ( nothing happens when i click to Complete it) doesnt let me play more =(
Qualities based on Personality type is an interesting approach, though the fact that your are set in stone from the beginning on which options you an take is sad.
edited by Ruvixur on 10/31/2012

vrie and Ruvixur, thanks for playing! I really appreciate the feedback. vrie, after taking a look at the Thinking/Feeling choice, I did make a few small changes, but nothing too drastic–I felt that there wasn’t really another way to pose the question in an unbiased way. Thanks for the suggestions, though! And Ruvixur–I checked the system, it should allow you to complete it–unless you fail the challenge, in which case you can re-edit a bit and try again. I’ll playtest it when I get a chance to make sure I’m not missing something, though. And you aren’t necessarily set in stone! You can try other things, you just won’t improve. And there might be, at some point, the opportunity to alter your personality. We shall see.

Also, general announcement: being a university student means work. I had a huge influx of the aforementioned work in the past couple of weeks, meaning that the first dream won’t be finished for another week or so. Sorry about that… sh*t happens. Also, I’m taking a bit longer to consider and adapt to feedback! So things are changing, you might notice. Thanks again for playing!

Again, to all subscribed to this thread, to all my dear playtesters (I cannot thank you enough)–if you are currently playing, or decide to play through again, you will notice some differences. How are these affecting the game? Are they for the better? The worse? I would absolutely love some feedback; otherwise, I have no way of knowing if these were the kinds of changes you all wanted to see. Thanks!