Plagued! - by scandal and nightmares.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am currently in a conundrum - I am draining one bottle of Laudunum after another and it is not salubrious! While I can confess my troubles to dear friends, it is difficult - NAY! impossible to do so without burdening them with troublesome nightmares… (Translation - if I use the “Invite a friend over to Confess your Fears” option, he’ll just get the points I lose, right?)

I am even more troubled by scandal! As someone with a beneficial, if risque assosiation with the Brass Embassy, I must find a way to dissuade the loose tongues of idle gossipers without burdening my dear friends.

As always, truly yours

Flipside, a Gentleman of Wealth and Taste, as I am lead to believe.

Fear not - the recipient of your fears only gets 1 CP, while you lose… 5 CP, I think? All it takes is reciprocate the favor, and you’ll both benefit. There’s a dedicated section for Menace Reduction in Urthdigger’s thread:

Ah, the troubles of nightmares. My favorite method of dealing with those pesky dreams that look not towards the clouds is farily simple.

First, your most treasured companion shall be of treasure itself: a fish of gold! However, do not carry said creature, as it will be much happier swimming about at your place of lodging. However, if the haunting of the mind rises too high, stage eight as it is called, you should immediately search yourself and carry the wonderful creature. This must be done as soon as the nightmares rise.

Second, you may observe a fine gentleman patrolling the streets. However, he is not what he appears, and should not be given the time of day! While it may feel futile, the gentleman is only so patient and can be outdone by a persistent turn of the eye.

Once he has left to follow another poor soul, it is time to be peaceful. While sleeping seems counterproductive to curing nightmares, a good rest at your lodgings can be just what you need. However, it will do more for your physical aches than headaches.

After a good deal of persistence and time spent, it is possible to drive away the shadowy terrors of the night. Laudanum can help, and the physical pains can give you more reason to rest up in bed. One last note: It is unwise to observe the scrawling on walls that can harm the eyes. Night terrors rest at such graffiti-d structures, and are more than eager to come to you.

Of course, it may be speedier to gain the assistance of a friend, if you are insightful enough to do so. If you aren’t, you can probably pick up some from the eager chess-enthusiasts.

Thank you, delicious friends!

So nicely put. I applaud you, sir and/or madam.

Also, you can try saving up your money until you can buy a Winsome Depressed Orphan. He unlocks an opportunity card that gives you a whopping 4 laudanum a pop, for no additional cost.

For Scandal, try getting some points of Admired. If you can get it up to 10, the ‘Laugh off Scandal’ option will completely wipe out your Scandal.