Plagued by a popular song, and salt weasels

So I found a salt weasel during one of my first weeks playing, and have had him as my persuasive pet ever since.
I’ve read that grinding options that cause the ‘Plagued by a Popular Song’ are better than those that give other menaces for the purpose of grinding shadowy in Mahogany Hall, and well it makes you lose weasels.
I’m silly and was wondering if anyone could verify that my little whilte weasel will be safe (and only the Arab/lucky weasels would be lost) if I do go the Popular Song grinding route?

Salt weasels don’t disappear.

Ah, thank you.
Now I can be plagued without worry \o/!
Edit: Ah, I found a thread from two years ago where people were testing this. I’ll go ahead and plop down a link for it here in case anyone else is looking for answers with a google search and likes to see the tests as much as I do!
edited by Nurylon on 11/23/2014