Places to Roleplay?

Pretty much the title. I’ve been playing Fallen London for almost a year, now, and from the moment I started playing I longed to roleplay in its setting with the characters I created. Trouble is, err, I’m pretty easily cowed and put off when trying to interact with people I don’t really know.

Umm, so, does anyone know where to roleplay? I know of the fallen-london livejournal, and read it every once in a while, but I do not know how to join the community, exactly, as it is, as far as I can see, a place to log such interactions (and honestly, livejournal confuses me and always has), but no where else. I guess that I could roleplay within the game itself, in which case I’d be happy to send a few cards to anyone interested. I’m not endgame or anything, not even a Person of Some Importance on any of my characters (mostly because I’d rather farm Stolen Correspondence 16 at a time until I get 10,000 than grind up my Shadowy and Dangerous, apparently), but I’ll try my best…so, yes. I hope I didn’t come across as too clueless.

It really depends what kind of roleplaying you’re looking for…

  1. In my experience, in-game roleplaying is kind of limited to sending clever bits of fanfiction/headcanon wrapped around social invites–you can kind of maintain a conversation over a series of letters or by sending the same type of invitation back and forth repeatedly, but it’s very high-level. It’s actually a lot like building relationships with NPCs within the game, except you are collaboratively creating the content. It’s fun! But not quite roleplay as I am used to. Obviously if you’re RPing together somewhere else, in-game interactions will probably reflect those conversations.

  2. I haven’t participated in this LJ RP, but as a veteran of Livejournal RPs, the way it generally works is that someone posts a post (or a comment to a general location post) that is a place for interaction, and then each &quotthread&quot of interaction that someone creates by roleplaying is a separate interaction. Every character has their own blog, and in addition to interactions they will use it to post fanfiction/background about their character.

  3. There is also a similar Tumblr RP community, which seems to be carried out mostly through reblogs (although that can get rapidly messy and hard to follow) or in ask messages back and forth. The character blog usually functions similarly to an in-character blog, as well.

  4. There have been some abortive attempts at forum RP here the same way, but I don’t think it’s been very successful; one challenge is the inability to split separate interactions into distinct threads, so either only two people can participate or everyone kind of lurches around together.

  5. I know there are some Skype and IRC RP communities… this is usually/often in support of the other types, as a real-time option. Then logs are posted somewhere like LJ or Tumblr, sometimes in in character settings.
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Hi there! Representative from the fallen-london LJ community here. I was in a similar position not too long ago; I wanted to try my hand at roleplaying in the Fallen London setting, but didn’t know how. Tumblr RP baffles me, and I had very little experience with LJ communities in general, which got me hunting through the forums for a small while. What tipped me into joining the LJ community was the fact that the cast seemed very lively and active, not to mention fun. So I tossed in the dice, jumped in and never once looked back.

Lately, a great deal of our roleplay is being chronicled through logs that we co-write off-site (i.e: Google docs). OOC-wise, we communicate via an AIM chatroom.

Joining any kind of established roleplaying community is daunting, but we really are a friendly and laid-back bunch. The easiest way for a newcomer to join in is to make an open post like so (reference: ), or join the upcoming Halloween party we’re kicking off this Friday:

It really isn’t as difficult as it seems, roleplaying on LJ. If you’ve got any questions or concerns, PM me or talk here! I’m up to my neck in schoolwork, but I’m all too happy to find an opportunity to procrastinate like the dickens.

EDIT: My character, roleplaying-wise, is not a POSI or end-game. I find it more fun to play it that way (a matter of personal preference). So don’t let our fancy demeanor deter you from considering; there’s plenty of fun to be had when playing out a character’s humble beginnings. :)
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Hi! Yes! We tend to have these parties every so often that are open to totally new people to join. It is common that an eclectic mix of people arrive - you’ve received an invitation, that’s all that matters!

What Jaime says above is true - in fact, I’m really eager to see some new personalities within the group, playing all different levels of involvement in the Fallen London canon. If you have any questions or interests, do not hesitate to contact any of us!

Oh, wow. Thanks for the replies, everyone!

I am posting in the invitation thread as I type, though I am worried about the fact I keep getting sent to the over 18 warning page when I try to access fallen-london logged into my brand new Livejournal account…

If you can “Join” the community, you shouldn’t have an issue anymore.

Yes, there’s adult content, including violence, sex, and tentacles, although extremely rarely do you get more than one of those at a time.

We’re workin’ on that, guv.

Shush you, you’re not supposed to talk about the initiation.

Speaking on behalf of the Tumblr RP community, since we already have two points for ‘baffling’ and ‘hard to follow’! Some interactions are play-by-post, some are logs from Skype or GoogleDocs, some happen – as you might expect – through askboxes, and memes and parlour games are popular. There’s also epistolary RP and journal entries, whether they’re casual and occasional, or the everyday travails of THE REALLY LOUD ASSASSIN. The blog masterlist is here, and there’s also a TVtropes page.

The Skypechat’s a lively and welcoming place to discuss FL and character development, and you can PM me for an invite, if you so choose.
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If you’re into an action-adventure steampunk version of Fallen London, Adventures of the Neath, a Discord based FL RP that’s pretty time lenient. It’s more action adventure steampunk comedy in here, with a few mods to the original FL setting. Join link: Adventures of the Neath