Picking a ship

I’ve been playing Fallen London for a while, and am at the point where my Ambition requires me to take to Zee. So I’ve gone through the motions of acquiring a vessel, and am at the point where I can choose between the Tramp Steamer, Zee-clipper, Zubmarine, or Majestic Pleasure Yacht.

As it stands, I’m interested in the Zubmarine but don’t have the materials to complete it. So what I’d like to know is this: If I choose the Tramp Steamer now, is there a way for me to go back and get the other boat(s) later on? Or is this one of those choices where once it’s made, I cannot change it later?
Because if it’s an option, then I’d like to get the Steamer for now and upgrade later - but if I cannot have more than one boat, I’ll postpone my Ambition and save up for a better vessel instead.

In addition to this: Is the Zubmarine a poor choice? (I’d hate to save up and then find I really should have chosen the Clipper/Yacht instead. But the idea of being able to access underwater stuff seems interesting, and none of the other boats would be able to do that.)

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You can only have one ship at the time. You can change over to another ship at a later point. Which you take, is highly up to you. Most people believe that the Zee-clipper or the Yacht are best in terms of cards/speed. The zub is safeest, but that rarely is necessary. That said, I have a Zub, mostly because it amuses me more than anything else.
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You can discard your boat at any time and purchase on of the others, but you won’t make much back on your investment - your best bet is either to get your favourite first, or to choose the cheap Tramp Steamer and use it while you’re saving up.

The three boats have slightly different strategies to zailing them - only slightly, because only a few cards are affected by the choice. The Clipper has options that dramatically increase travel speed, while the Yacht has options that pay out nicely in items (and has a slightly higher BDR bonus - albeit in Respectable, the easiest BDR stat to raise.) The Zub is somewhere in-between - it has some options that provide safe, speedy travel (by diving beneath hazards), and others that pay out in mysteries (by allowing underwater exploration.) Oh, and it has a moderate BDR bonus - in the more rare Bizarre. Personally, my first ship was a Zub and I’ve been happy with it ever since, so if that’s what tickles your fancy, no reason not to go for it!

Not sure about the Clipper and Zub, but getting the Yacht (which I have) requires a pricey luck success with not so great odds. If you are not lucky, it can get expe$n$ive. But I do love my Yacht!

Thankyou! I’ll probably put my Ambition on hold for the moment, do some other stories, and come back to it a bit later. It’s good to know that if I find a sudden desire to rush through my Ambition, I’m not going to be terribly penalised by taking the Steamer then changing later. :-)