Persuasive storylets not changing?

i’ve been playing fallen london for a while and recently obtained the route to the shuttered palace, but had no storylets available there, despite having level 61 persuasive. i checked the wiki after realizing that all challenges at veilgarden were &quotstraightforward&quot and learned that they were storylets from about level ten persuasive (the jewel thief and the heiress storylets, etc.) and haven’t changed unlike the storylets for watchful, shadowy, and dangerous. the wiki said these shouldn’t be available after level 26, but I still have them and haven’t been able to move on to more challenging storylets. anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

Failbetter is making numerous changes to Fallen London to try to streamline the game, as well as avoid the problem of players locking themselves out of early-game content by leveling past it accidentally. Persuasive was the first base stat to be changed in the new system. You can read all about it here:

Also, starting tomorrow, Watchful will be the next to get changed, so be prepared!

To progress, look for the storylets which advance your “A Name Signed with a Flourish” quality.

Good places to start if you don’t think you’ve taken any steps along that path would be writing an epic poem about mushrooms or engaging in an affair with somebody who enjoys prisoner’s honey.

In which case, perhaps there should be a storylet in the Shuttered Palace that shows up when you have A Name Signed with a Flourish less than what’s needed to access the content?