Person of some importance?

Here’s my situation:

I’m well over 100 on Watchful. According to what I’ve read, I should receive a card from an Ambitious Barrister that’ll take me into the process to become a person of some importance. Problem is, it’s been days…maybe two weeks…since I popped 100 on Watchful. (I’m currently at 107, without buffs.)

I’ve been clearing cards as fast as they pop up, day in and day out. Am I jammed up? What’s the average wait for that to happen?

The easiest way is to speak to your neighbours at your lodgings. Just speak to the gossip (FIND NEW STORIES: Chat with the Local Gossip) and visit one of the neighbours.

If the relevant neigbor doesn’t show up you may need to do their story (the Locquacious Vicar in Ladybones Road is the watchful one)

That said unless you want to pay fate you need to be able to get 100 in every stat before you can advance in it so there’s not a large advantage to rushing it if you don’t have that yet.

Is there any reason I shouldn’t seek to become a Person of Some Interest as soon as it’s available? I’ve always appreciated a good challenge, mental or otherwise, but is there an advantage to holding off?

Some storylets disappear once you’re POSI.

Additionally, the most available forms of menace-reduction–the Tinctures of Vigour, for example–will become less effective.

Which ones? I don’t remember any specific ones. (Beyond the ones on the seeing through the eyes of icarus card and such that get replaced by a better one.)

The menace items can definitely be a problem though.
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The menace-reduction items are the only major drawback for POSI-hood. That said, several POSI items - God’s Editors, the Parthenaeum, the Voluminous Library, possibly others - offer menace-reduction cards, so it’s not a total loss. Perhaps the safest option is to hold off becoming a POSI until your stats are high enough to grind for those items straightforwardly?