Percentage bonuses from items.

So basically what I’m trying to do is get the weapon item to give a percentage boost of your combat stat rather than a fixed number. I tried doing a rich effect like [qb:Combat]/100*30 to get a 30% boost but it doesn’t work. Does anyone have any idea how this could be done?

Thanks for your time :)

It’s [q:Combat]/100*30 (not [qb:…, but that may have just been a typo). That should work fine if you’re using linear numbers for your Combat quality, but if you’re using a pyramid number it’ll be adding the boost in change points, not levels. So if they’ve got Combat 12, it’ll be adding four CPs, not four levels.

What you can do is calculate roughly the CPs they have for their level (using the formula in the manual) and base your calculation on that, which, with a bit of tweaking, so give you roughly what you want…

Thanks a bunch! I’m a fan of your game :) I was using [qb: as the manual says you use that to get the unmodified version of the base stat but I guess that’s wrong. Unfortunately it still throws up an error :( Does the Enhances thing (this bit just not accept rich effects/math?

[color=#009900]Sadly not. It may eventually, but that’s one of the oldest bits of the whole system (as you may notice from the odd behaviour you get if you modify an enhancement bonus).[/color]


Thanks! And I must admit I didn’t realise about [qb:…] rather than just [q:…], ;)


Aww :\ Thanks for the definitive answer at least :)

By the way, do you have any idea how long it would take for that to happen? If it’s not something that you could just easily chuck in then I’ll have to devise a different system. Thanks :)
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[color=#009900]With SN in maintenance mode, I’m afraid it won’t happen until and unless we need it in Fallen London, and there are no plans for that at the mo. There’s also an issue in that enhancement changes are calculated when the item’s equipped, for performance reasons (it really adds up when you’re looking at a hefty list of items) so if it does change, it’s unlikely to do what you want anyway. Sorry![/color][li]
[color=#009900]CPD - [qb:] is new, from just before Christmas. :-)[/color]

Ah damn, that sucks. Thanks anyway :) I absolutely adore this platform. I’ve got myself and two writers working on a story and I’m enjoying it a lot.

Aha! When I noticed that to get the advanced versions of POSI, one needs a unaltered, base stat of at least 200, I thought to myself, &quotHow can they access that? Must be some FL-specific feature.&quot But this explains it!

The new debugging tools are really useful for the alpha stage of development I’m in too, thanks!