Can someone tells me how Patronage works, exactly? And what do I have to do to get a patron in a certain field?

Patronage is basically a relationship between a lower level player and a specialized PoSI. They basically teach you the stat they’re specialized in. You can request patronage in your lodgings, or have someone ask you to be their protégé. Both get a boost to influence. The patron will then send invites for mentoring sessions, which cost one free evening in return for cp in the stat. You can have more than one patron at a time, but because you only get five free evenings, it’s smarter to limit yourself to one. Once you hit 100 in that stat, you’ll no longer get cp from lessons.

If you’re interested, there’s a thread you may have seen where protégé may find a patron. I suggest you go check that out.

A note: patrons are required to use one free evening, as well. If your patron stops sending you invites, they might just be out.

I’d love to be a patron, but my connected is too high. Hey ho, can’t have everything.