Patronage for Rising Stars

I just had my first free evening, and i would like to use it for a dinner at Dante’s.[li]

Unfortunately, most of my acquaintances are Persons of Some Importance, hence they need their Making Waves.

Is there some Wounded and Suspected rising star which would like to flatter the Prothean Neologist in exchange for succulent hell-steaks?

I have made a lot of Waves lately and since I am not a POSI, I will happily trade them for a fancy dinner at Dante’s.

Be it so :)

I just sent you a calling card (so that it is proper to invite you at dinner), milady.

I would also like to treat people to dinner, if anyone would like to give me their making waves for gifts.

I am also looking for rising stars to give some benefit to. The fact that this makes more of a splash for me is of no consequence.

Count me in as a potential sponsor, as well. Always good to keep in touch with one’s beginnings.

Another potential sponsor here, eager to lavish extravagant gifts on rising stars.

Perhaps this could also be used as a request form for the new tutorage system? Although I don’t know the details of that.

That does not appear to be implemented yet. I hope it is soon; I quite fancy the idea of giving watchfulness lessons.