patent scrutinizer

Dear Delicious Friends!

I find myself in need of one of these diabolical viewing devices, how does one go about the creation? I know items of luminosity are required but I find myself missing the step between memories of light and the patents. Does anyone know?

(Hrm possibly suggestion for future updates actually. Could ruin some of the surprise for crafting but perhaps grayed out squares where items would go so you could figure out that A leads to B leads to C or D depending on choice. Or perhaps backwards crafting. "This can be crafted from item A, so you can do some reverse engineering.)

A Lady seeking to craft
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Beeswax becomes Scarabs become Memories of Light become Mourning Candles become Scrutinisers.

[SPOILER]: you should find a guide to all of your crafting needs on this wiki: .

Anyway, a Patent Scrutinizer only costs 28.80 at the Bazaar, so if you’ve got a good Action you could just grind a bit of Echoes and buy it outright (I had mine much before I needed it, I used it as part of my detective outfit).

EDIT: I read in Announcements ( that conversions have been slightly modified, so the guide should still be mostly useful, but will have to be updated with the new tweaks ^^
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Thank you sirs! Hmm I’ll have to decide which route is easier…I currently have no access to wax, access to scarabs is via opportunity but those come along fairly regularly… On the otherhand the only means of echoes I currently have is to play with the Fisher Kings hmmm

Although recent changes to my candles may well fix this issue!

A Lady seeking light!

Wax and Scarabs are both rare, and worth saving up for (spoilers) [color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]dealing with the Big Rat and purchasing a Velocipede[/color]. It might be easiest just to buy a Scrutiniser at the Bazaar - it’s a solid, dependable tool to have until you can afford a Deluxe model or a Ratwork Watch.

And even after, a varied equipment allows to tailor your stats according to the needed difficulty (I usually try to make all the potentially Menace inducing tests at Modest, and the “safe” ones at High-risk, so I actually often need WORSE equipment not to make the tests too easy XD).