Parabolean Panthers

So… I’ve just (finally) become a Correspondent, and that means my nice Companion-slot Society is gone. Even though I’ve now got my awesome Violant Ink, I went around the wiki to look for a Persuasive companion to go after… and looks like Panthers are a thing.
Sadly, I’ve played Sunless Sea first, then found out about Fallen London - and that means there was no way I could’ve pledged for it.
Is there any way to get it now?

Unfortunately not. Or at least not right now.

Hopefully FB will, in the fullness of time, put the kickstarter rewards up on the fate pages, but I really wouldn’t hold your breath.

I’d love to get my hands on the Falcon that was the reward for the Silver Tree kickstarter, but that was in November 2012 and the falcon still hasn’t shown its face.

Maybe it never will, but it’d be a shame to leave money on the table. I can’t imagine any backers would be offended if the content became available to others over a year after it was given to the original backers, and it wouldn’t weaken future kickstarter projects, as the backers would get far more than the people after the trinkets.

Oh, well. I see.

Considering they’re going to put up the backer-only content for Sunless Sea as DLC eventually (probably along with Zubmariner? Who knows), maybe they’ll get around to putting up the FL stuff on the shop as well? We’ll see. And thanks!
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You can have someone with a panther send you a kitten though. Then if you play with the kitten enough (under its use menu) it will give you a quality that let’s you have a panther in sunless sea if you link and update your account under options account management on the title screen.