Has anyone yet claimed a piece of this most intriguing textile? Who dares to be the first to do so?

I have a piece! Got it yesterday sometime. I put the card text into my journal: all very interesting, though I’m not usually in the business of cast-offs.

EDIT: After a moment’s thought, I put the linen on my mantelpiece, in case anyone wanted a look at the flavour text.
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On the same line of inquiry, have any of the Overgoated acquired a Starstone Demark, or is that outside of even their reach at the current time?

+29 is as high as Watchful goes with the best equipment so even at 140, no Starstone Demark as of yet.
Though I suspect that it, as it is on par in terms of cost with the Correscating Soul, is merely a very expensive item and nothing with gives any singular stat boost or storylet.

Oh, of course. Still, it would be nice to have for novelty value, at least until tier 7 items become more common.

Oh, yes. Acquiring a Starstone Demark is one of my long-term goal.
Even though I have no idea what a 'demark" is.

How much does Parabola-Linen sell for?


“Demark” is a synonym of “demarcate”–to indicate or mark, to separate from, to distinguish. “Demark” could also be a noun for something that has been demarked, one supposes–so a Starstone Demark could be a piece of starstone that has been demarcated in some way, or a piece of starstone that represents or is inscribed with the demarcation of something else.

For a long, long time, I have mistaken it for “Starstone Denmark”. And then “Starstone Danish(bread)” is the natural next step for me.

Time to work for more scraps though, it’d be a long time before I can trade for tier 7…

Yes, the jump in price is quite steep. Probably a consequence of no longer getting them in bulk.

I have two pieces already.

Of course, what’s really driving me crazy is the lack of an answer to the question: What is Parabola?