Parabola, cats and snakes

We know the cats become tigers and jaguars in Parabola.

We know they oppose the Fingerkings / aka the evil local Faeries.

The snakes are aligned with the Finger-kings?
I ask this because we never speak with a snake to ask them their reasons (lol, no Parseltongue here),
whereas the cats’ standing is much clearer.

It is also obvious that the cats are the good guys, even when they have become disagreeable tigers. Right?

Let’s say the (probably) less dangerous guys. Parabola is complicated.

There isn’t exactly a clear “right” or “wrong” in my eyes between Fingerkings and Cats.
On one hand the Fingerkings who just wish to escape Parabola by any means necessary
On the other the Cats, who just seem to want to well not have that happen for some reason.

Cats hate snakes because they look like cucumbers.

The Fingerkings are the sneks.