Pair of Masterwork Dancing Slippers Icon

I remember a time when the icon picture for &quotPair of Masterwork Dancing Slippers&quot was actually beautiful. Why were they replaced with a puke green background icon, depicting dreary looking white pair of slippers?

My guess, is a conspiracy to use the better looking icon for some better shoes. Sigh, how dare they mess with a gal’s shoe collection.

They’re replacing the icons for much of the clothing items. I do agree that some of them just aren’t good (make the Stylish Riding Boots what they claim to be!), but aside from the background, those Masterwork Dancing Slippers actually are pretty.

The updated Iron Hat is nicer.

I did notice that the icons only changed when I view it on my computer’s web browser, but not my phone’s [color=#c2c2c2]web browser.[/color]
edited by th8827 on 12/23/2015