Vansceslas now have the Übergoat approval.

I_G_U also got an Ubergoat some time ago.

The Midnight Road can be upgraded from an Overgoat to the Ubergoat. At last.

I have finally obtained an Übergoat!


I got myself an Ubergoat a good while ago.

I have also had an Ubergoat for quite awhile.


I have obtained a shiny new Übergoat.

I now have an Ubergoat. Had an overgoat for a few months before that.

I have acquired an Overgoat. I have named her Lucy and put ribbons on her horns.

My Übergoat has no name, no ribbons, and somewhat of a … fragrance, let us say.

There has been an alarming turn of events, and after acquiring my second overgoat, Steven, I came back to their stables one day to find them both gone and in their place a goat of alarming nature. Is this the Übergoat I have heard rumors about? Please help, I did love my Lucy oh so much.

Sammael Smith certainly hasn’t bridled a wild Overgoat from a very cold place and bribed it (at not inconsiderable personal expense) to their personal service.

Übergoat, oh Übergoat,
you ate my gloves, you ate my hat
now you are happy as a cat.
I see your glances at my coat
take it, takt it down your throat!

Derram has also achieved Übergoat.

I got my Overgoat ages ago, I remember that I was grinding for it when I visited the FB office to take part in a focus group. Just found the email and that was in 2012, so wow, hadn’t realised I’d been exploring Fallen London for that long.

Edited to add that this made me check the link to my profile to see if it still worked, and it did not, it was for the old fallenlondon.storynexus.com site. Fixed now :)
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Edited again to add that I just spotted my signature is all about Overgoats lol, clearly it was last updated last around then as well!
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‘I have a̶ ̶t̶i̶g̶e̶r̶ an Übergoat. Do you have a̶ ̶t̶i̶g̶e̶r̶ an Übergoat?’

Not sure if this will ever be updated, but I’m Double-Heptagoated. Figured it was worth a mention.



So I have had the Heptagoat for a while, figured I should get registered here. Also I suddenly realised I have not given it a name, which shall be rectified soon.


Also I have heard there is a registry for people with Heptagoat, Cider and Hellworm. Is that true? If so, where does one go to get registered?

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