Overcapped No More

I hate everything.[li]

I’ve been on my way to Paramount Presence, and I want to keep all my stats at 215. Unfortunately, after dealing with a particularly annoying non-game problem, I absentmindedly used the Orthographic Infection card and dropped my Watchful to 214.

This is going to take months to undo, isn’t it? I’m working on Dangerous right now, but after this I’m going to have to switch back to Extraordinary Mind instead of Invisible Eminence just to regain two change points.

I might even pay Fate to change specializations, breaking my personal rule on spending Fate when I could avoid it. Alternatively, Failbetter could make Paramount Presence able to overcap any stat, which would make a lot more sense.

I suppose I should be glad this didn’t happen after I became a Paramount Presence.

If you didn’t know, Paramount Presence has been updated to let you overcap all your stats at once. So don’t worry about it until then.

edited by Kaijyuu on 2/19/2018

Wait, really? When did that happen?

I actually posted this because I was hoping the community would correct me like this. Thanks!

I have also damaged one of my stats during my Quest (still incomplete) for Paramount Presence, so I am also happy to hear this news.