Ouot at Zee: How do i raise Troubled Waters?

I’m trying to capture a plated seal in the zee, but i can’t seem to raise my Troubled Waters skill high enough before reaching my destination. i’m using the swift clipper if that’s relevant.

any advice?

It’s a while since I did it but I think the RNG for Sailing Boldly will normally raise your Troubled Waters high enough to get a Plated Seal before reaching your destination.

If memory serves, once you’re near your destination, you can fail at reckless sailing to lower your progress, draw cards, and choose those that raise Troubled Waters.

I personally used a mix of Sailing Boldly and Sailing Prudently. Sailing Prudently will definitely get you to Troubled Waters 11.

you can, but it is a coin flip in some ways- it might decide to raise, rather than lower, progress. nevertheless, it has a net loss by the end, so it works.

I just wanted to rant that I am 2 CP away from Trouble Waters 11, but I just succeeded 4 times in a row at “Ignore the warnings” which is “the odds are strongly against you”, bringing me to my destination. Yes, I am ranting that the RNG hates me by making me really really lucky. It is truly cunning.

Ignoring the Warning Signs just lowers your Approaching quality, it doesn’t raise Troubled Waters. You’ll want to Steam Prudently to raise that, since it gives 2 CP of Troubled Waters and only 1 CP of Approaching.

I was trying to lower Approaching so I could take advantage of things that raise Waters and Approaching, but I got lucky too many times and all the options went away because I hit 9. I managed to lower it to 8.8 a few times from cards but eventually got so lucky I was too many CP over 9 to realistically lower it from cards far enough, so I gave up.