Late last evening the Eathellreda’s Home For Ambitious Youths was hit by a dastardly attack that robbed them of the most valuable things those young children have: Their souls! Not even the Eathellreda family itself was safe, as the entire household was left soulless! Even Lady Ambrosine’s own wife, a defenseless blind woman by the name of Coroline, was hit in what might be the largest act of spirifage seen since the incident of '83! The individuals responsible are said to have befriended Lady Eathellreda, taking advantage of the fine ladies hospitality after she had invited them to dinner. Once they were inside, they waited until the lady was distracted by a decoy burglar elsewhere, and slipped through the building as she was dealing with the criminal. The thieves forced their way through the building quietly, holding down anyone they came across and relieving them of their souls, apparently even using poison to do their infernal work on a few occasions. They had liberated most of the orphans and family of their souls before Lady Eathellreda became aware of the act, and made their escape before she could retaliate. &quotI don’t know how this could have happened,&quot commented the distraught lady in an exclusive interview, the woman trying to hold back tears as she talked. &quotI had just turned away for a moment, and all those people who I thought were so lovely before- they just-!&quot The lady was unable to comment further, breaking down into tears. (Full interview on page 14.)

The constables are looking out for 5 individuals who are believed to have taken part. They are identified as Alton Marlowe, Dante Costello, a woman named Euleyis, last name unknown, and two further unidentified individuals. Full descriptions are available on page 13. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of these individuals, please inform your nearest constable.