Opportunity Card Timer Resets

I remember seeing a response from one of the developers that the reseting of the countdown timer on the opportunity deck every time a card was drawn was a bug they were intending to fix. But it’s been a while since then, and I haven’t heard anything more about it, so I’m wondering if they’ve quietly decided to keep it or I am half-crazed with sleep deprivation and missed out on what was up with that.

No, I don’t think you missed something. I can’t wait till they finally fix this, it’s unnerving…

It will be fixed. We just haven’t heard anything because there is nothing to report yet. So as the Fallen London government says, Keep Calm and Be Delicious.

It is driving me mad, debating between losing time and sitting staring at the timer until it counts down instead of just playing when I want. I hope they figure it out soon.

All shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well

It is, indeed, irritating. I hope they fix it soon!

I tend to wait until I have a full deck to click now, which minimises irritation - otherwise I invariably click, then notice I should have waited ten seconds because I was due another card then.

I do hate to bump old posts, but I’ve noticed that this matter hasn’t been resolved yet…

Get comfy. I don’t think the timer reset is going anywhere.

What? No! Seriously, I don’t think I’ll ever get “comfy” with that.

Oh, say it ain’t so! It’s still irritating and I’m not getting used to it with use. If anything, it’s becoming increasingly annoying, especially when I am waiting desperately for new or story-related cards to finally come up in my bloated deck.
I really don’t understand why it happened in the first place, or what purpose the reset serves.

It continues to be very frustrating. Moreso even than the inability to echo.

I do hold out hope that this will be fixed, because it’s incredibly annoying. Especially, considering the fact that the deck only holds six cards and often, once I discard a card I have no interest in playing and click to draw another one, it pops up again! I think that annoys me even more than the time resets, to be honest. I wish something could be done about it, as well.

I’m not convinced the programmers view this as a bug. I think that’s just how it works now, as a tool to entice more obsessive behavior. I dislike it intensely, but I interpret it as intentional.

I think it’s been said- somewhere - that it is a bug, but don’t quote me on it.

Of course it’s a bug! They seem to be suffering a storm of them at the moment, poor dears. It sucks, but we can but wait.

Why is this obvious?

As a software guy, anything in place for a month is unreported or intentional.

Well, one, Chris describes it as a bug -here-.

Two, given that it’s unintuitive, annoying, impedes normal play, and only appeared, what, six weeks ago? …there’s no reason they’d change the system to work that way.

Why is this obvious?

As a software guy, anything in place for a month is unreported or intentional.[/quote]

I wouldn’t say “intentional” necessarily; there is another category of “feature” that I am not sure has a well-known name. I once saw a bug report for a bit of software that did not meet its specification. The bug had been closed with the explanation “working as implemented.” (which is much like the saying “it is what it is.”) I could never tell if the author meant “working as designed” and was just in a hurry; but it wasn’t performing as designed so I doubted it. So from then on “working as implemented” was the catch phrase our software group used for bugs that were definitely bugs, but ones that were unlikely to be fixed under the current schedule pressures (which were unlikely to abate in the foreseeable future.)

[quote=Sir Frederick Tanah-Chook]Well, one, Chris describes it as a bug -here-.

That certainly makes it explicit. Straight from the Obdurate Stallion’s mouth, as it were.

[color=#009900]To be clear, folks, this is a bug, and it is on our list to fix - sorry! We’ve had a busy month and we’ve got some engine changes coming up that we want to bundle it in with.[/color]