Opportunity card sub-categories?

I encountered this one last night, but then I wasn’t sure if I’d just dreamt it or something.
But this afternoon, I drew the An Implausible Penance opportunity card a second time and attempted to replicate what I thought had happened.

On the An Implausible Penance card, there are a bunch of 0-cost options, with actions beneath those.
The first of which is The Smuggler’s Grave, which has two option - one of which allows you to convert Favours:Criminals into a quantity of Souls.

When I selected that option, but pressed ‘Perhaps not’ to return to the previous section it put me back to the area I was in, with my Opportunity deck at the top of the screen as per normal. However, the ‘An Implausible Penance’ card was removed, and instead a new card had been added to my hand - ‘The Smuggler’s Grave’.
I can go into that card and back out again without it disappearing, but I found it interesting that they’ve changed the way Opportunity cards with sub-categories work. :-)
edited by Kittenpox on 5/9/2016

Can confirm, did the same thing with the five favor Glim option to grind some Widow connections.

I think many of the redirecting cards like that used to be various separate cards a long time ago that ended up bundled together. I guess it now adds the original card to your hand when you get sent to the associated event.

Very interesting. If you have the sub-card in your hand, is it possible to draw the original as well?

I wonder if you could use that to get two or more copies of the sub-card in your hand at once, which is otherwise not possible.

I wouldn’t expect it to give two copies, but if the right card comes up I can give it a test. (Probably won’t happen for a while though.)
edited by Kittenpox on 5/10/2016

Two copies probably wouldn’t work, like with force drawing the Amanuensis with the card already in hand. It redirects you to the event but won’t add a new copy of the card to your hand.