Opportunity card frequency

Apologies if this has already been seen/shared/shouted from the hilltops, but the opportunity cards now let you know their frequency. On the bottom right of the initial card text, opposite the ‘Record this in your Journal’ option.

Very helpful.

First I’ve heard of it - that is proper nifty! Thanks! Now I’ll be reading every card and mentally comparing them.

Edit: Heh. The Paranomastic Newshound is &quotUnusual.&quot And this trick doesn’t work for red-bordered cards, of course.
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Oooh, neat! I’ll also be checking all the cards out.

[color=#009900]This is, indeed, new. There’s a lot of superstition around op card frequency, so we thought we’d just share the information with you and let you use it to help you make decisions.[/color]
[color=#009900]We’ve also removed the Who Made Me label from the cards, because it was badly out of date in nearly every case: it only tracked who had originally created a storylet, not who had added branches or, in some cases, completely rewritten it.[/color]

I also just noticed it and I was wondering if it was new or not… great addition!

Edit: small typo, for a card it’s written VeryInfrequent frequency (without the space)
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P.s.: speaking about changes, thanks for having made the usable items in the inventory more recognizable!
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[/li][li]A nice and useful addition, and one that will raise more questions about frequencies than it will answer![/li][li]

I love this :D An excellent change.

Cool, thanks.

[quote=Alexis Kennedy][color=#009900]This is, indeed, new. There’s a lot of superstition around op card frequency, so we thought we’d just share the information with you and let you use it to help you make decisions.[/color]
A wise call, I think. Now we can stop worrying about how rare a card is and go back to yelling at the RNG. :D[/li][li]

This change only provides cast-iron proof that the RNG is a sentient hatebeast that actually assigns cards according to usefulness instead of their prescribed rarity. The more useful a card is, the less you see it. Hence why the useful (with Frequent frequency) Tower of Eyes shows up about twice a day, while the useless (Standard frequency) Weather at Last shows up roughly every second card.

now excuse me i need to go don a tinfoil hat
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Ooh, thank you! This saves us a lot of wild conjecture.


False. This might attempt to placate our wild conjecture but, as SM9 pointed out, explains absolutely nothing about the RNG’s secret motivations and inner assignment-machinations. Even if the labels are true, which I don’t doubt, it seems likely that even the Devs cannot control the RNG’s assignment of cards and nothing I’ve seen since this change leads me to think that the RNG hates anyone any less in the slightest. Unfortunately.

Though it is nice to have this information public. :)

Eh, I have to disagree. Chance is chance. There is only so much that you can gather from observations, because the odds are inherently random. But now we can overtly say that x card is common, uncommon, rare, absolutely everywhere, et cetera. The labels on the cards themselves - I very much doubt that they lie.

Not to mention, there’s also a bit of an observation bias. We tend to notice cards that annoy us more than we notice cards that we don’t particularly care about.

I mean, I don’t doubt for a minute that the RNG is an infernal hatebeast of spite and malice, but what I said still stands.

Card frequency is gone? I haven’t seen it in any card since yesterday, or maybe the day before.

It’s been noted as a bug earlier today.

Thank you; my search on the subject had come up with this thread, which seemed appropriate. I need to start looking at the index pages…

The search function for the forum is TERRIBLE, so, yeah, index pages are probably better for time-sensitive stuff like that.