Opportunity card "An unsigned message"

[quote=Ben ]Looks like I have to start my own department to get the points above 7 at the university.

Unwelcome at court, so this is the only place to get it.

Tell me I’m not loosing too much by moving on? This looks like the best place to get proscribed material.[/quote]What is this department you speak of? I am still relatively new to the Neath so I have no idea what you are talking about, but if it concerns improving my understanding of the correspondence then I have a feeling I should follow suit.

It’s the storyline for the University. Gaining access to the University (assuming you don’t unlock it with items) requires you to become a Scholar of the Correspondence. Your intention there is to eventually establish your own Department of the Correspondence to teach others what you’ve learned. The first set of storylets in the University just you getting used to the atmosphere there, and learning about the place. After your Watchful reaches the right level you’ll unlock a storylet that will let you move on from being a mere guest lecturer and actually start working towards that goal.

None of this deepens your understanding of the Correspondence unless you explicitly work towards that. There’s a storylet on the first term that has a chance of increasing your Scholar of the Correspondence, and progressing far enough into the second will unlock the option to study your Correspondence Plaques (the expensive option I talked about before).

How exactly do I proceed through the department? I did start it but got thoroughly confused later on as to what I am suppose to be doing there. At current I think I was supposed to be doing something about a murder investigation, but alas I have long forgotten the details behind it.

You are indeed supposed to be investigating into the murder case to proceed. The other storylets just cycle over and over without giving any progress. Worth doing to see the text, but the murder investigation is the real focus. Didn’t want to spoil it for you in case you hadn’t gotten that far.

I see. So I take it I won’t need to worry about missing anything?

Nope! Feel free to investigate into the murder case as much as you please, though I’d refrain from concluding it until you’ve gotten your Scholar of the Correspondence quality up to 10. It doesn’t influence the ending, but you wouldn’t want to end up barred from Shadowy Dealings for a while if your goal is to become a Correspondent.

And just in case you missed it on the last page, there’s a nice little exploit you can do if you’d like to grind for echoes. It might be worth leaving the investigation open for a while if you like the amount you get from it.

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Out of curiosity, before concluding the case-which storylet specifically should I keep my eyes peeled for in regards to grinding the correspondence level?
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The storylet that contains the option to increase your Scholar of the Correspondence level is ‘Shadowy dealings at the University’. It’s always there, both before and after the University stories, but to play it you need to be welcome at the University. Concluding the case can make you unwelcome at the University, which is why I said that you should conduct your studies beforehand.

Does completing the case always make you unwelcome?

Not always. It depends on which choice you make at the end.

Is there any tangible benefit to being kicked out of the university?

Nope. I’d say more, but I don’t want to spoil the story for you.

Is there anyway to know which option kicks you out without spoiling? I would like to avoid it if possible.
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[quote=Koenig]Is there anyway to know which option kicks you out without spoiling? I would like to avoid it if possible.
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Cause inconvenience to the Masters and then you will be kicked out.
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I take that is the name of the storylet/option? In either case, thanks!

The option is really obvious. Really really obvious. Trust me. Though you might end up wanting to click it anyways, depending on what sort of character you’re playing.

On the surface i prefer to stay out of trouble, but I am more than willing to cause trouble here and there from the shadows, at least as long as it remains moral.
(From a role playing point, the only group I have no interest in at current are the Devils)

I couldn’t agree more. I wish I were kicked out afterwards, :( despite the cost of making one welcome again in the University.
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I got kicked out. I almost regret it, but it was such a minor inconvenience that it still doesn’t bother me that I did so.


I have nowhere NEAR the 170 (with equipment) needed to train up my corespondence higher. I should have stayed in the caroucel longer.