Opinions on the Electoral Outcome

Personally, I think it’s good to know London’s full of blithering idiots. Ah well, the public has spoken. We can deal with pandemonium for a year.

It’s just a game, lad.

sips victory champagne

Can we not.

Can we just


It’s always the people that speak, and it’s good that that’s the case. It’s marvellously elitarianist to assume that your opinion is somehow better than others’, and completely condescending to condemn the playerbase for being full of &quotBlithering idiots&quot.

Imagine if everyone would always be mad because they didn’t get what they wanted, wouldn’t that be great?
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Yes, please do not insult our fellow players. We are to be polite and respectful.

I mean, mine is, but that’s beside the point. I find it’s best not to remind people their opinions are objectively worse than mine. They don’t appreciate it.
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In the interest of fair play, it might be of your interest to know that the glass from which you are sipping contains a sigil, written in a certain language, meaning &quota day where one is unable to work due to problems with one’s digestive system&quot. A sigil which I certainly did not write.

I repeat:

Can we not.

Sigh. Perhaps this thread should get closed and we start fresh?
Not a whole lot of Opinions on the Electoral Outcome going on here.
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Yes, this should get locked rather shortly.

Yeah, that’s probably for the best.