Open Locks Next to Options

Does anyone know why there are open locks next to some options when playing the game? If they’re an option to block some actions from being accidentally selected, I applaud, but I can’t see any way to do anything with them. Ideas?

I am no sure they are fully implemented yet. I saw the same thing but by the time I decided to post about it they were gone before I could take a screenshot

Yeah, they’ve gone for me as well. Strange.

If you’re referring to the “Impossible” choices in some stories, I figure they are works-in-progress that have not been implemented yet, but this is just speculation.

– Mal

Nah, not those. There was a brief time where small unlocked locks showed next to the requirements list for any action that had a listed requirement. It was there for actions that could be taken, locked actions, and impossible actions, but not for actions that had no requirements.

I wonder if it was there in ‘Impossible!’ storylets. My hypothesis so far is going to be that it’s some sort of hidden quality all players have and all storylets require for technical reasons, but I don’t have any real basis for this.

I hope it is the player lock idea I proposed a while back. You know, so you can lock yourself out of unwanted option to avoid misc licks. That would be nice if true

EDIT: Nope, I was wrong. It is confirmed not to have anything to do with misclicks.
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I can still see them; glad it wasn’t just me!

That was my running hypothesis. It would be consistent with Hanna saying they removed the green colouring from the Plans flags because of some unannounced forthcoming feature.

Agreed. That would be an awesome improvement to the game. :-D

I saw them too, but reloading the page got rid of them. Tentative conclusion: there are changes being made to the site’s javascript/css, and running the old (cached) version of js/css while some parts of the code already expect the new version messes things up.
The cause of this is probably similar to (or at least related to) why updated versions of images do not show immediately for everyone.

They are still showing for me.

If they do stick around I hope they will get a little padding on the right; now they directly abut the icon next to them.

Wait, where was it confirmed as not about misclicks? Was any other information given?

Hannah came onto the IRC and told us that it was just a temporary glimpse behind the curtain and not a feature to prevent misclicks.

Well since that got solved I’ll take the chance to hijack the thread and say that the anti-misclick thing would be a godsend. The 'Attending to the Needs of a Particular Plant&quot cards come to mind.

(Seriously, the options to get rid of the plant could at least be a redirect storylet to decide who to give it to, only so people have a chance to take it back if they accidentally click on the button. I almost did so today.)