Oooooooooooo, new deck design!

Yeah, they’re all shiny and gold again now. All is well.

The new look for area storylets without the gold/bronze/blue backgrounds and with smaller borders than the opportunity cards are kind of hard to distinguish.

Yes; I’d definitely rather that there was a color bar running across the top, if possible. I don’t frequently look to the border of the area storylet’s picture, but to the text itself.

Yes - I do prefer the special storylets being a solid color throughout. They’re much harder to spot, now, and I wouldn’t notice them if I didn’t know what I was looking for.

No, I had this earlier too. Thankfully that’s been resolved; I always felt the gold was a good visual way to go ‘Hey! This is Fate-locked!’ It’s a better warning than the bold text, anyhow.
edited by Laluzi on 12/19/2013

I can distinguish between the new permanent card colours, but I appreciate that others can’t. I appreciate the idea of tightening up the metaphor and shedding the confusing array of colours for storylets in favour of something more obvious.

I think it might be nice to add a little header to ‘special’ permanent cards, those with bronze, silver and gold borders. Perhaps a tasteful border across the top, reusing some of the texture of the card. Alternatively, if ‘special’ permanent cards all had custom text for the action button, with regular permanent cards having the generic ‘Go’, that’d also serve as an indicator that they were special.