Oooooooooooo, new deck design!

[li]Looks very nice. And a &quotview profile&quot button on the inventory page as well as an option to make your profile private.


Much more that I haven’t yet noticed on a quick pass, I’m sure!

plays with the floating top card of the deck

Wheeeeeeeeeeee! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

It does look very nice. Particularly the gold and bronze colours that now look like gold and bronze. :)

Scary thing happened when I got back to the game though: The deck graphic was gone, and I had six cards waiting… but where to click? Where? What did they do? Quickly, check the forum… Oh, new graphic. But it’s not there! Well, it appeared once I reloaded the page. Practically the same thing happened with the new inventory before, so I should’ve thought about that.

It looks very nice, indeed!

with old deck design[li]
Well now, I’ve just ran out of actions. Gonna grab me a cuppa joe and then refresh the page 10 minutes from now.
In all honesty, the new deck is a lovely change from the old design. Though all those guides for new players talking about the old deck colours will need some updating (with the notable exception of the RED autofire cards)[/li][li]
[/li][li]EDIT: As I edit this post 3 minutes after its posting, I am welcomed back to FL with yet another design change. This time, the storylet design has been altered! [/li][li]
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We now have a really wierd design for storylets.

Hoom. I don’t like it. I assume it’s not properly implemented; I reckon the pic is supposed to take up the entire left-hand side and the text should be in the top right.[li]

Everything is so strange and new and I don’t understand this world anymore hides under the bed

If it is displaying in a way you would call GINORMOUS (that was my reaction) log out and log back in. Apparently being logged in during the transition has made browsers act funny.

Edit: In short, if your storylets look like THIS: Imgur: The magic of the Internet You probably want to reload.
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Welcome change with open arms, Karaeir! Come out from under your bed and welcome the dawn of a new design! On the plus side, item categories are now alphabetical. [li]

It’s not that different after all… and now the storylets are consistent with the design of the cards.

I miss a bit the curiosity section of the inventory at the top of the other categories though… (no big deal, anyway)

Really my main issue is that coloured border storylets (especially the blue-which-is-now-silver) don’t really stick out as much as they did before. The silver could really easily pass for the standard white if you weren’t paying attention.

My husband doesn’t like the way it’s harder to tell how many cards are in your deck before you’ve drawn them. The brown/gray colors don’t show their edges well, and it’s an extra move to put your cursor over them to make the edges pop out.

Welcome change with open arms, Karaeir! Come out from under your bed and welcome the dawn of a new design! On the plus side, item categories are now alphabetical.[/quote]
It all feels so strange now. But the items in the Curiosity section are in the &quotcorrect&quot order again, so I’m happy about that. And Spacemarine9 is quite right, it’s hard to distinguish between white and formerly blue storylets now, they could be a bit darker/more blue. Or both. World needs more blue, it’s such a pretty colour.
Edit: By the way, anyone else noticed that the forum is getting a bit hysterical today? First - this access code for the heptagoat, now the dawn of the new design…
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I like the new design, it’s really pretty, especially now that the storylet design has followed. They look a bit like the permanent cards in Storynexus now, which is probably part of the reason for the change. If it were me, I’d probably give the cards and storylet icons rounder corners, to make their look closer to playing cards, but it’s not me and it looks good as it is as well. I do see a bit of a problem with the special cards not popping out as much, though.

[li]Legal and Rubbery are now folded into alphabetical order. I can breathe again. Thank you, FB!
[li]shuffles paper on desk
[li]straightens pencils

I agree about the blue-silver issue, you cannot really see the difference.

I don’t get the complaint about the number of the deck cards though… never noticed you could actually count them! I always read the very convenient number below the card deck…

Fatelocked branches also seem to have lost their shiny gold backing. That’s… almost definitely a bug.

Shiny! But I agree with everyone else that the formerly-blue storylets are now very hard to distinguish.

You’re probably experiencing issues with your browser. Maybe it flared like a dying star. And unlike a dying star, you can refresh your browser page, which I highly recommend. This will, most definitely, fix the fated branches.