OOC: A Farewell to Eli

Hey, so, I’m sure it’s been no secret that there’s been some squabbling and drama in the RP Thread, but I’d first like to clarify that nothing that happened there motivated this decision, it, uh, just sort of underlined a lot of thoughts I’d already been entertaining. So this is just so everybody is on the same page and no-one is outta the loop.

So, Eli was always a pet project of mine, to make a totally morally grey character that didn’t try to police it’s own image. When I put him in the middle of everything way back when in the Flowerdene Trials, my objective was to present a character with ample reasons to revere and revile, and let people draw their own conclusions. I think that has been a success, more than I could have ever thought feasible.

Being able to write with you guys has been some of the most fun I’ve had artistically, but I can already tell that things are changing fast. The dynamic is shifting from… The left foot to the right foot, I guess. Not bad, just different, and I’m not sure that I’ll be able to juggle my personal writing with University, sleep, eating and having a social life AND Eli. Writing for Eli is sort of like turning a different part of my brain on, it’s effortless, but it can still burn me out.

The two main reasons I’m leaving the forums for the foreseeable future are post hence.

  1. I had a story to tell with Eli and I feel like I’ve told it. Whether he ends up dead or alive, alone or in love, I feel like his story has to end in order to get that sense of closure. More for me than anyone else, I’d imagine. I can see that this is supremely shitty timing considering we’re in the middle of the Flowerdene thing, but I gotta do it. Sorry.

  2. Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but I feel like there is some resentment going on in the forums. We’re all writers and we’re all passionate about our craft, but I can sort of feel that there is more ego than there used to be. Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m totally not. Either way, I can’t write under that kind of pressure, so when combined with the first point, it makes a good case for me to step back.

I’ve always thought of Fallen London’s community as a sort of oasis from this type of thing, and it has been. So many of you have taught me a lot about how civility and respect can win out over a collective anonymity, and that’s pretty special cos’ I’m cynical as all hell.

When I feel like I’ve thought about it enough, I’ll write Eli’s conclusion separately and post it back here just so that everyone is on the same page. IC, he’s taken off somewhere out to zee, nobody knows why. Ezekiel went out looking for him and neither have returned. Emblem disappeared for totally unrelated reasons.

This is really contrived, but it’s all I got for you guys. If I think of something better, I’ll bring it back here.

I don’t think that the Flowerdene Arc was too ambitious, I just didn’t think people would freeze up so much. I was hoping people would feel motivated to leap at the opportunity to play their characters, like at the Trial, but maybe it was just downtime for too many people.

Once again, I’d like to say that this isn’t a super dramatic send-off. You can all still reach me on the IM stuff that I have, I’ll put it down in the signature. Maybe if I fall back in love with Fallen London than I’ll come back with a different character under a different name, but for now, I just wanted to thank all you guys for all the fun times. Maybe this is super overly-sentimental, but that’s how I do.


I’ve known this was coming for a while. I don’t think I’ll ever be happy about it, but I wish you well.

For those who’ve entangled their personal character arcs with the Flowerdene story: I will be carrying on a bunch of it, especially while we wait for Eli’s conclusion, so that all loose ends and plots can be resolved and people can thereafter move on without having to retcon things away.
You need something in this? I’ve got you.

Awww, I was hoping you’d finish the arc before retiring the character. Can’t say I’m thrilled about pulling the plug early, but I respect your decision. I’ll miss RPing with you though. Was excited to do the &quotFleshy and Ezekiel steal a dirigible&quot RP we had planned. Ah well, I’ll live :P

Thanks again for creating such wonderful characters and putting so much of your heart and soul into telling their story :)

Edit: I also fail to see what drama you’re referring to. Unless it was that argument on Discord several weeks ago, which seems to have blown over.
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Farewell. Thank you for everything… alzhough I am also not thrilled about the conclusion… stupid Maria won’t get more lessons in thievery too. Thank you for the story, for the lessons, the fun, the advice and all you sent me at the feast of that rose.[li]

You will be missed. I enjoyed the scenes with you.

Take care!

I can’t say I’ve interacted with you before, but I’ve seen your work. You seem like a cool cat. Good luck in your future endeavours.

Aw. I’m sad things will be wrapped sooner than anticipated, but I can’t say I don’t understand. Writing takes a lot of energy and university is an unforgiving place in terms of burning energy.

I wish you the best. Say ‘hi’ when you have the time.

(And maybe you are a bit paranoid, yes, the forums are working as always, it seems. What changed was your view of them, maybe? I admittely may be a little unperceptive in that regard.)

This here is an apt description of why I’m very slow with writing in the last few weeks. I’m usually more or less inactive in October, because it’s usually when a lot of events and presentations happen in all sectors of my personal life. This year, though, most things that keep me busy in October were moved hastily to September, so I’m dealing with a big workload now and writing was just burning me even faster.

I’ll try to at least kick the main event I promised so other people can work on it.

I’ve managed to refine my point on what I feel is happening, but honestly, it isn’t the fault of anyone at all, it’s more just a circumstances. Another story for another time, I guess. It’s been brought up before and usually seems to be canned without further discussion.

I offer you a not-haiku:

Sad to hear it
totally get it
thought you wrote quite well

Even though I haven’t been on the forums for that long, and didn’t take part in most of Eli’s story just the end of it. I’ve enjoyed the roleplaying, I’ve done with you. Although Lord Gazter doesn’t particularly care for Eli and Ezekiel, I like them and am glad I could be at least a part of their stories. Best of luck to you.

Kuka, just let it go, please.

Okay, I deleted it.

You shall be missed, both in the memories of the characters and especially in the memories of their players. Sara doesn’t have any strong feelings either way, but I’m glad for the opportunity to participate and I do still plan on resolving her two fundraiser projects. I wish you the best.

It seemed like Eli was only around for a short time, but that’s probably because I didn’t meet him until later in his character development. I was also pretty surprised to go back and see that I started the salon sometime in spring, so… I guess time passes quickly for me.

I think a lot of people got worthwhile experiences and character development from being involved with Eli one way or another, so even if things end kind of abruptly, a lot of it was meaningful. It was nice. People had fun, people got emotional, people cared about what happened. That’s what good RP is about.

When you make it all official, drop me a PM. I think an official character death deserves a eulogy.
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It was fun while it lasted. I also apologize due to wedding and medical stuff.
We will get some resolution with what happened to Emblem?

[quote=Shadowcthuhlu]It was fun while it lasted. I also apologize due to wedding and medical stuff.
We will get some resolution with what happened to Emblem?[/quote]

I’m not sure if Emblem is going to get much, but there will be something.

On the topic, I’ve started writing the storylet to wrap up Eli and Ezekiel’s story. There are plenty of characters who I feel would be in a scene from that, so if you wanted to get some IC closure, just message me and we can do a private RP which I’ll eventually post on the forums, if given consent.

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l will do that when I get all the scenes done.