One More Story

Dear citizens, If this post is read by someone who know what I mean (I think you’ll know once you get it), then please PM me if there is indeed more story, with any advice about how to get it; said advice will be greatly appreciated.

Please refrain from public data, as this indeed is Fate-locked question.

Thanks, and let the Correspondence shine with you.
edited by Kharsirr Lynx on 8/30/2014
edited by Kharsirr Lynx on 8/30/2014

There’s nothing wrong with posting the name of the storylet or storyline here, so long as you don’t give away major plot details. As is, your post is a little too vague for me to determine what it is you’re asking about; I’ve played through most of the fate-locked content in the game.

I received the answer already, thanks. This thing should be vague, but you have the point: I asked about The Skin of the Bazaar/Uncovering Secrets Framed In Gold

I have the same question, please PM me. Thanks.

I have just started Secrets Framed in Gold and would appreciate a pm as well. Many thanks.

PMs sent.