Once-only choices

So many delicious occurrences every day in London, so many of them repeatable, although some only for a while.

And then there are the fateful choices, the ones you get just once. Some are obviously once-only, others not so much.

One I saw as fateful at the time was that of which benefactor and which of their gifts. I chose the Shadowy Unobtrusive Bowler Hat over the Watchful Mirror-polished Shoes and the other choices for Dangerous and Persuasive. Later I found that Watchful shoes are a rarity and lamented my selection in a thread named after the Shiny Shoes. I received many helpful comments, including that there are better Watchful shoes available at Christmas and the Watchful choice has advantages later on. And that once a benefactor’s story is complete, you can use Fate to revisit your choice (with substitution of the new gift for the old).

I decided that I would stick with my previous choice.

And now I’ve discovered there’s another fateful choice that I’d not realised was such, when circumstance dropped a Whisper-Locked Sea Chest at my feet.

At the time, I was new to London. Despite my previous stay as a Guest of Her Majesty, I was still rather straight-laced. I quickly decided to turn it into the Constables.

While bringing a tear to the eyes of a Constable in polite circumstances will always be a cherished memory of mine, I am acquainted with a Captain on the Sunless Sea and should have turned it over to him. It would have bettered us both.

Alas, as far as I can tell, this is irreversible. And irritates me no end.

And now I wonder, what are the other fateful, once-only choices in London? I’d hate to stumble through another.
edited by Jacke on 3/8/2015

There are a number of such situations. Some can be reversed by fate, others cannot. In general the impact is minor (the whisper-locked box is one of the more irritating ones to lose out on). Generally there is a warning, but not always, and consequences are usually obvious, but again not always. I’m afraid that listing them all would spoil some of the game, and take quite a while.

Choosing an ambition (light-fingers allows you to back out and choose another, the others do not), the constable vs. the cheery man, the fight for the docks…

Be careful with your aunt. (Unless you want to use fate.)
edited by yang573 on 3/8/2015

I misplaced my aunt, but haven’t seen any way to retriever her… with or without fate.

You will eventually draw a card with the option to get her back from whatever misfortune befell her for the cost of 15 Fate.

Although I was satisfied with the Shadowy choice of the Bowler Hat (and good Shadowy hats are expensive), I was troubled no end by my choice with the Whisper-locked Sea Chest. In the end, I decided paying a week’s worth of progress was worth fixing that for Sunless Sea. I deleted my StoryNexus account and recreated it and my FL character. And got it right this time. I have also decided to go with the Shadowy Bowler Hat once again.