On the Wheel of Affection

Results are not 100% accurate, as I do not meticulously log my actions unlike the more diligent players.

Total Actions: 1023
Gifts of Scorns (Failure): 210 (20.52%)
One Gift of Scorn is gained on failure.

Romantic Notions (Success): 8060 (78.8%)
Romantic Notions are awarded in batches of 10 - so 8060 here just mean 806 success.

Masquing (Rare Success): 5 + 2 (0.68%)
I originally tried to keep track of rare success via Masquing but two of them were wiped out by Time the Healer. Rare enough that I logged them anyway.[i]

Conclusion: On average, about 200 actions will net you one Masquing. Use if desperate at the end of Feast and no one likes you enough to gift you.
edited by Estelle Knoht on 5/8/2016

Masquing wiped by TtH? How long were you there? :O


More specifically, TtH wiped Masquing several times, then it stopped wiping Masquing. As of now, it is 5 Masquing.