On the topic of this forum & the people who use it

Preface: I wasn’t quite sure which part of the forums would be best to put this. I had thought maybe the Salons, except that this doesn’t quite fit the &quotHere you can speculate on the game’s plot, discuss its characters, and compare notes with other players.&quot description. I figure since I normally hang about The Bazaar, here is as good a place as any.

I just wanted to say, you guys (and gals, and people of indistinct gender) are a wonderful bunch of people. The admins, the moderators, the various folks who show up regularly (or irregularly) about the forums, and basically everyone involved. All of you reading this.

I’ve been playing for a bit over a year, maybe heading towards a year and a half; and recently I’d been reading through a bunch of threads, and it struck me how we’ve got such a good community here (for want of a better word) of kind, courteous, helpful, and fascinating individuals; and I’m just really appreciative of that.
So keep on being awesome, okay? You folks are great. :3

[color=#009900]Amen. One of the things we say a lot at Failbetter is that we are really blessed in our community (in part because making your game a giant reading comprehension test rules out a lot of the more antisocial types). We’re proud and delighted to have you all. Thank you.[/color]

And I think I can speak for everyone by saying we’re proud of being part of such a community and an entertaining adventure!
Fallen London and everything around it has been one of those discoveries after which you wonder how you lived so long without it.

I foresee this will quickly become the Thread of Eternal Love, where we will all claim our love and give each other adorable virtual hugs.

And I share OP’s view, here. The community is exceptionnally good in this game. I love you all as much as a Bifurcated Owl can love (which is probably very little, but hey, it’s the intention that counts, right ?)

To sneak in queue early, I also agree entirely with Kittenpox - Virtual hugs to you all!!! :gh:

-Kittenpox aren’t contagious right…? Ah well, hugs anyway!-
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If you would allow me to cast aside all these pleasantries and feats of familiarity, I would like to suggest that the quality of FB’s audience is one of the outcomes caused by their products characteristics. Not sure if they aimed for such target audience on purpose, but original and refined lore, delivered via huge amounts of stylish text is not among top things in average (massive) gamer’s wish list. FB’s games have their narrow niche of adult, highly imaginative and quite erudite gamers.
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“Here’s to us! Oo’s like us? Damn few. And they’re a’ dead!”
This wonderful community keeps me going while I wait for my candles to refresh.

– Mal

FBG’s audience are a bunch of adults that never forgot what’s it like to be fascinated like a child.

[quote=malthaussen]&quotHere’s to us! Oo’s like us? Damn few. And they’re a’ dead!&quot[/quote]Mair’s the pity!

I joined this community last year around this time to start swapping cards, and I’m glad I did. I’ve traditionally been the sort of MMO player that keeps to himself and doesn’t get involved in the social aspect, but being active here has deepened my enjoyment of the game immensely.

Without these Forums, I would not have enjoyed Fallen London half so much. God bless us, everyone! And special blessings to the entire staff of FBG and to Alexis.

I don’t think I’ve ever run into another game where I could say that everyone I met, without exception, were singularly fantastic people. Thanks for the experience, and thanks for the brilliant game failbetter!

I can say it never fails to amaze me how every conflict is resolved both by admins (which is maybe not so surprising) and by community itself. It’s really something akin to magic.
And, well, it’s a first english-speaking community where I dared to write something, thanks to such gentle and courteous public.

Agreed. The forum has a remarkably pleasant atmosphere, and I think it’s related to this game mostly consisting of delightful prose.

The community here definitely ranks near the top of what I love most about Fallen London. The game is great, and the people make it something even more special.

Honestly, the community really does contribute greatly to the feeling that this game isn’t like any other out there. Calling the game a great big reading comprehension test is an excellent way of putting it. It’s like a gathering hall for the overlap of gamers and bookworms, and that’s a personal heaven for me… though I may never be able to comfortably look at a mirror again.

I wholeheartedly agree. The game is fascinating in itself but the interaction with other players really takes it to a whole new level! I only wish I’d started making use of the forums and social actions sooner.

Indeed! This game is one of the few, if not the only, groups of players I have truly joined. And while I’m no Truthseeker, or Tannah-Chook, I stop in here darn near every day just to pick the brains of my fellow Londoners in the dark.

Merry Christ/Sacks/Neathmas to all!

Ah, I feel the community for this game has spoiled me, as when I moved to a different game, I was shocked at the rude, crass, and more than a little bratty personality of its playerbase.

Grateful to have all of you!

Agreed. Many thanks to all for your unflagging courtesy and friendliness.