On the topic of a Rat chief...

Recently I got through the plaster face storyline, and my formerly disgraced companion is back up to snuff- but here is the issue. He’s now worth quite a hefty 160 echoes, and I have use of the scuttering squad via the advent calendar events and what have you, thus rendering his normally impressive +8 fairly useless to me. Should I trade him in for the money? Or is there some further use for him?

It’s up to you! I don’t believe he has any uses beyond the Plaster Face storyline.

You can use him to increase returns from a Watchmaker’s Hill card, but (not having done the math) I’d be astonished if that was better than just selling him.

I thought he had a cameo elsewhere, but either I’m misremembering or it’s Fate-locked.

Oh, I missed that one. Here it is. Looks like a 1.04 echo action, so it’s definitely not a great source of profit.

My thanks gentlemen, I have released him from my service. He was a good companion for some time, and I admit I might miss the little blighter- but I assume he has better things to do. Mayhap starting a raid on the abode of someone not quite of some importance…