On the Museum of Mistakes (Spoilers?)

Earlier it was argued whether Judeo-Christian mythology existed within the Echo Bazaar universe. I seek to conclusively prove this by showing the three noted exhibits at the museum of mistakes.

The museum contains: 30 First City Coins, 2 locks of hair, and a fig bitten once.

The 30 first city coins are clearly the 30 coins given to Judas for betraying Jesus. A clear mistake.

The fig is a little trickier. But, one can remember that the Edenic fruit of knowledge was originally a fig, merely translated as an apple, and this fig was the original sin,and the first mistake, henceforth why is the central exhibit.

The hair posed me the largest challenge. However, one can see them as the locks of hair fom the famous Sampson and Delilah story, a mistake of betraying a love.

Simply by comparing the exhibits to Biblical stories, such a line of reasoning is possible. So what do you think, everyone?

That makes all three of them a betrayal of a form of love
One of a deity’s love
One of a friend/ a Jesus (he is his own dang trope) love
And one a betrayal of a lover

A museum of biblical mistakes, early love stories, delicious tragedies for the Bazaar to consume.

Another artifact at the museum is a black sail cloth. I think the black sail cloth is the same one that Theseus put up on his ship to warn his father. when the ship returns home the sails will be black if he died from fighting the Minotaur. If he survived they will be white. He survived but lost his loved one to a god. He was so depressed about his loved one he forgot to change the Black sail. When his ship came into harbor His father thought he was dead and committed suicide. Differently a big mistake for Theseus.
edited by Jack Blackstone on 3/27/2012

I agree about the sail cloth, and that was actually the first reference I caught. (The second was the fig.) I was a little puzzled about the musket balls, though; does anyone think they know which particular battle(s) they are from?

A previous thread on the matter: http://community.failbettergames.com/topic71-the-museum-of-mistakes-spoilers.aspx

The musket balls are probably from a rather secret …scuffle with Hell.