On Romances, Companions and Pets

Sorry I just added something to my mantlepiece but I do not see any option to clear it?

Hm; either the interface has changed slightly, or I misremembered it. Either way, you can simply change the item to something you’re about to sell, and then sell it!

You just go to your &quotmyself&quot tab and click on the icon in the &quotmantlepiece&quot slot. That will bring up a host of other icons you can substitute for the original one, and if you click on one of them, it will replace the one you wanted to remove (you do need to wait a few seconds for the other icons to materialize, however).

I just realize I no longer can find the option to acquire the Quiet Deviless as a Companion. Used to be I can see it from the Vicar. I looked up the wikia. If I understand correctly, once we have gone past the “A Matter of Mortality with the Loquacious Vicar” stage, we can no longer get the Quiet Deviless?

@Sir Frederick Tanah-Chook
If so, how can I romance the Quiet Deviless then get the pet?

Sorry, Bless’ - meant to reply to this earlier. You seem to have missed your chance for now - that stage in that story is the only current way to get the Deviless that I know of. BUT! There was another temporary method as part of the special Valentine’s Day event earlier this year, so there may well be another chance at the same time next year!

(Also, it’s long been hinted that the Deviless will be available, not just as a Companion, but as a Spouse for high-level characters. It’s not yet clear whether that will be the case, but fingers crossed that you’ll meet her again one way or another!)

ok so I make another character to get the Deviless. The whole idea is so delicious, I want to get it lol.

Big question then is can I play up to the part where the Vicar gives the option to get the Deviless, then stop the Vicar branch? Do the other Storylets, build up Connected to Hell, Intimacy with Devils, etc. until I got enough to unlock the FATE option to get the Devilness, and then go back to the Vicar to get it done?

Absolutely - you’re under no obligation to finish the Vicar’s investigations in any sort of hurry!

Thanks Fred! Saved my hair honestly you did Sir! I will set my sights on something else for my main and have my alt pursue the Devils :D

Sounds reasonable - your main can always be soured to devilish influences and become an anti-infernal campaigner! In fact, there’s a Companion for that very purpose in a higher-level Dangerous story down the line.