On Romances, Companions and Pets

I played through the Struggling Artist’s Model storylet. Amazing, it made me go &quotNo, its not fair&quot when it abruptly ended. At present my character is chatting with the heiress, hopefully that will end better. I also hope to work towards acquiring Companions soon. I just got my first pet, the Preening Macaw.

What are your impressions of such subplots?

You’ll be seeing the Artist’s Model again, if you’d like to rekindle things, see if perhaps they might go differently!

Alright, I chose to let her go in peace. So I hope I did the right thing. Next time we meet I will be better connected with the Embassy, the Church, the Constable … I will be Somebody LoL

Just make sure never to betray her.

Word of advice: Never even get close to the stravelling artist. Once you become &quotadmirer&quot, He will stalk you through whole london. Terror of Brass Embassy, eldrich space of Bazaar, chaos of Bethlam hotel, these are nothing to him and he will endelssly bother you. And you can’t chase him away like the jewel-theif or model!

I’d say similar advice on Comtessa story (for ‘Mirrors and Clay’ card) and going past Level 2 of &quotThe Protégé of a Mysterious Benefactor&quot story (for ‘A past benefactor’ card)[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)][font=facitweb-1, facitweb-2, ‘Lucida Sans Unicode’, ‘Lucida Grande’, sans-serif], but that’s for The Bazaar.

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What Mr Wi means is that once you’ve completed those stories, your deck will include cards relating to them, and the rewards for these cards aren’t the best - so, theoretically, if you were trying to cut down the number of commonplace cards you might draw, so that the game would be forced to deal you rarer cards with better rewards more of the time, you’d want to skip those stories. But you would be missing out on what is considered core, well-written content for the sake of a slightly higher time-to-money ratio, so, you know, up to you.

I read some of the end game content include owning a boat, joining a club, finding a spouse, etc. I try not to betray anyone except when they are clearly marked to be villians. Though I am trying to improve my connections with as many groups as I can.

Exactly. I missed the fact that this is advice for new players. Shame on me! The Comtessa story is really worth playing. And if you dare, you can show it to wider public if you want to make art with greater purpose. Don’t look it up, just go on.

As for new player advice, just roam through London without any guide! Just like realistic clueless traveller! I still remember my first dream of storm… But make sure you choose Mirror-polished Shoes for gift. It’s unique item, and for some reason Bazaar don’t sell spy-fi shoe with clockwork ratwork camera in it.

The other benefactor stories are also excellently written - the Mirror-polished Shoes are just the only option of the four that aren’t later outclassed by other gear.

Well yes I am a new player, but some spoilers are welcome. Do I really want to make an alt to redo my choices, you know?

Don’t fret it - there are plenty of ways of going through London, and I don’t think there are any bad choices that aren’t clearly marked as such. Just don’t go NORTH.

Aw, but Name-Seeking is fun, and only causes harm once or twice! … oh, and that time, and that other time, ohh, and very much then, er…

Um, but Name-Seeking is fun! shifty eyes

[quote=Allanon Kisigar]Aw, but Name-Seeking is fun, and only causes harm once or twice! … oh, and that time, and that other time, ohh, and very much then, er…

Um, but Name-Seeking is fun! shifty eyes[/quote]

It is not fun. It is … necessary.
It. Must. Be. Done.
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Name-Seeking opens up some quite interesting stories. And it can be ended painlessly when it’s not your cup of tea (assuming you are not too far in).

Please send me a message if you want to get a headstart on the Seeking story as I need one more person to ‘betray’; you won’t lose anything and be able to skip some grinding.

I am skipping the Jewel thief then, thanks for that advice. But erm are there any bad/negative companions or romances I want to avoid? I was thinking of trying out the Quiet Devilness assuming my character progress far enough … sounds delicious :cool: But she needs 50 Fate/Nex to unlock?

Fallen London doesn’t really have traps that you can fall into like that. Although, having said that, if you pursue the Quiet Deviless’s romance story (rather than the 50 Nex companion option, which is different,) she will try to do devilish things to you. Not irreversible devilish things - not things that will ruin your game - but, well, there are always risks to consorting with devils.

Oh I did not know there is a difference. So which do I want? I assume the romance story is well, a storylet. When it ends the player gets a few scraps, souls, secrets, etc, but the Nex Companion is like a Pet you can equip that gives bonuses?

I just drew the Opportunity Card where my character got a gift from Devil. I am hoping that is the the thing needed to get into the Devils’ circle of friends.
Connected: Hell has increased to 6 - Infernal Acquaintances!
A twist in your tale! You are now an Intimate of Devils.
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The romance story is quite long, quite curious and quite rewarding - you can begin it by receiving a letter from a devil along with some flowers, and writing a flirtatious letter back. If you’re at all interested in devils and their friends in high society, it’s worth looking into. The Nex companion is, just as you say, a pet that gives bonuses - it’s nice, but it’s probably more interesting lore-wise if you’ve met the Quiet Deviless through the story first and gotten to know her. I’m not sure if you can get the Nex-pet first and then do the romance, but I know you can do it the other way around because my character Hubris did, as you can see on his profile page below.

The message is sent
Flirting with a devil? Are you sure you know what you’re doing? Devils treat friendship as a tool and love as a weapon.

Alright so I did it :)

I like to ask about the profile page. The mantlepiece and scrapbook, it’s all for show? I can also clear my mantlepiece/scrapbook at any time?

Yup, it’s just a place to display whatever item and quality you want to show off - you can clear it or replace it at any time!