On regaining one's soul

The one role-play decision I had clearly made was to never sell my soul–and then in an overrushed lunch break, I was burning actions on my phone, and violated my lone principle. What hellish bureaucracy need I assault?

I think the current way to get it back involves blind luck and bundles of oddities from various opportunities, though I wouldn’t know - Eddy sold theirs intentionally and doesn’t really intend to regain it any time soon, if at all, so I haven’t looked too deeply into it.

I think there may be a fatelocked option on the card that’ll pop up from time to time too, but I usually ignore all but the carousing options, so I haven’t read it.

Good luck regaining it!

Don’t worry, there are chances to regain your soul scattered throughout the game. Keep in mind, though, that this isn’t a fast task to complete and may require some patience on your part.

One way is to draw the Where’s my soul? card. From there you can pay 15 Fate on the Why not? option to begin a short storylet to track down your soul. You’ll have to wait for a few opportunity cards to continue the story until you can fish it out from a certain merry location of London. You’ll get a nifty quality as a memento of your journey and any further use of the card’s Fate option, should you sell your soul again, will rise by 5 Fate per every time you use it (so the 2nd time would cost 20 Fate, the 3rd costs 25 Fate, and so on).

The other option is to try your luck at drawing a Opening a Bundle of Oddities quality of 200 or more, though the closer the max chance of the quality is to 200 means you’ll have a better chance of drawing the &quot…unexpected&quot draw since you’ll have fewer possible draws to pick from. Here’s the list for the quality: http://fallenlondon.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Opening_a_Bundle_of_Oddities
Your best options are to wait for the One’s Public opportunity card and choose the Speak for a little and ask them to disperse option, hoisting the black flag at zee, calling in favours with the urchins in the Flit, picking out likely candidates in the University storyline (if you haven’t passed it already), and just about any option on The Ragman’s barge opp. card save for the Stained Red Velvet Gown option. Keep in mind that if you get your soul back via this route that you won’t get the previously mentioned quality. Good luck!
edited by Sir Joseph Marlen on 8/13/2015