On Matters of Love

I recently had a new opportunity card come up, titled, strangely enough, ‘On Matters of Love’. Never seen it before, it requires another player, and I’m not quite sure what it does, nor is it listed in the wiki.

Anyone want to find out what it does with me?

I assumed it was one of the new “invite a new player” cards.

Do feel free to try it out with me. My name on twitter is @urthdigger

I’ve just received it and am looking for a partner… Anyone interested?

On futher inspection, it does in fact appear to be an opportunity to invite new players. Which also appear to give Certifiable Scraps.

I’m quite sure it’s for inviting new players. It references the Surface, yes? There was another card as well, something about calling on someone on the Surface and then inviting them to join you in the Neath, and it gives you the opportunity to ask someone you know on Twitter who doesn’t have an account yet.

So on matters of the Bazaar you look to love, but on matters of love you look outside the Bazaar? How quaint.

The paradox at the heart of Fallen London. Within a dream the methods of the dream must suffice to achieve anything, but within onesself one must look to the waking world for true fulfillment.

Wow. Wonderfully put! :applause:

Why thank you! tips hat coquettishly