On Jack of Smiles (Spoilers?)

It would appear whatever entities rule the Neath have smiled upon me, because I’ve stumbled upon a most interesting tidbit. When one is of enough standing to publish a newspaper, on the banner of Doubt Street, I noticed a curious coincidence. The letters, first seeming random, spelled out “Red Honey Jack”. Now this…this would explain quite a lot, if it is true. Jack could simply ingest the ghastly stuff, muck around in someones head, a few pulls orf wire here, a few little bits of inception, and they would be the perfect cold blooded killer. Simply by the existance of the red honey, such a feat is possible. So what do you think everyone?

I say, there’s an idea. Failbetter have hinted that we’ll soon be seeing more of Jack… the only question is, does this align with the experiences of the Fierce Anarchist and the Velocipede Squad? Have they any connection with the Cage-Garden?

The Fierce Anarchist, certainly, M’lord, but the Velocipede Squad was a tad violent for someone of my delicate constitution. Jack, to me, is a mind game. He’s probably sitting, just waiting to be found. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was wealthy, noble, or elderly.

Have you also noticed that the letters are not normal printer’s type? They are seen as if reflected in a mirror.

He is not to be confused with Jack of Similes, the wanton literary villain comparing things under the dark cloak of night.

Does anybody have a screen of the Doubt Street banner? Now I’m curious to see it ^^
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It’s at the top of the page: Here

I actually was of a different opinion about the final outcome of Jack-of-Smiles. I assumed that he was going to be wound down and revealed as a fantasy, joke or set of ordinary Londoners masquerading as a body-hopping serial killer. This has been pretty heavily hinted at in some of the recent sidebars, such as the one belittling his latest attacks as worthy of ‘3 out of 10’ or the one suggesting it’s a group (a clique?) of like-minded individuals wanting to create the illusion of Jack. And I remember from a distant blog post that staff at FBG were not keen on the general idea of Jack and wanted to rein it in.

Some of the Jacks have been Clay Men, within whose bodies are found mummified human hearts, branded with the word ‘Wolfstack’. You can take handfuls of these to the University, where a Doctor of Anatomy will gladly take them from you and say that he’ll repatriate them. This gains you some Connected; Revolutionaries.
In addition to this, if you spend time with the Velocipede Squad, you learn that the Inspector has a particular hatred of Jack, because every single one of his men who have investigated him have become Jacks shortly thereafter.
Consequently, I subscribe to the notion that Jacks are somehow manufactured (heart transplant?) by the Revolutionaries in order to spread a little chaos in the world.


The red honey takes one to the Chambers of the Heart from which many doors connect. The Clay Jacks all have mummified human hearts. This can’t be coincidence, can it?

Right thinking human folk of course have actual hearts through which to connect via Gaoler’s Honey. Here’s a silly question: Do all Clay Men have such hearts, or only the ones destined (or should I say intended) to be Jacks?

If this speculation on the red honey turns out to be correct, I hope Echo Bazaar gives me a custom title, or item, or something! I think they should for anyone who solves a mystery before the reveal.