Offering to flatter people at Dante's Grill

So, my non-PoSI Ally Mooney made quite a bit of waves recently and is offering to flatter people at Dante’s Grill. I’ll edit this post when they run out but I’m sure other non-PoSI are in this situation and could post as well.

Alas, you seem to be unavailable!

If certain characters need to Make Waves during the holiday, poisoning acquaintances grants it. This can be useful now, since it helps raise menaces, which you need to Confess your sins.

– Mal

He Who Would Pun Would Pick a Pocket - which, frankly, I like to do :)

I confessed enough for my next Noblity tier, but I’d still enjoy dinner - not you, of course.

No, it’s Ally Mooney not Unavailable pun flees

Seriously Loon, if you’re in a different location due to Menaces or Special Exploration, give us a reply on that. (We’ll still fawn over your tales when you get back.)



I’m there, but you need to send me a calling card first.

My character Shalinoth is almost high enough MW to reach Notability 13. I believe asking someone to Dante’s is most productive when the recipient has a large amount of MW, since they siphon off… half is it?

Loon, may I ask what your Ally MW is at?

EDIT: Notability 13 reached!

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My alt, Frank Horrigan has recently obtained 32 making waves thanks to a cheap, fun, and effective way of spending fate(shroom hopping!), since he is not a PoSI yet it would be nice to give the Making Waves to a person in need, as already mentioned
IGN:Frank Horrigan.
important note:Time, the healer will take away half of the Making Waves in 2 days, please be quick, thank you :).
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I’ll take them. Name is Atticus Schmidt. I’ll send you a Dante’s invite.

2 people invited me, not sure who was first either, uhh, im not very good at decision making, so any ideas?

note: if the decision has to come, I can always help the person that didn’t get the MW with making waves(private suppers, all 5 of them if the person wants :)).
edit: I guess I will just wait for the first person that invites me to it.
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Done, sorry Schmidt, tell me how many private suppers, coffee you want, once again, sorry :(.

edit:actually, my MW only dropped to 29, invite me if you don’t mind the 2 mw change after all :).
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No worries friend. All shall be well. I’m merely grinding notability for favorable circumstances, so it is a continuous road. You haven’t caused me to miss anything :)

My alt, suheyla(also in game name), has MW of 18 currently. If anyone wants to take her to Dante’s, send her an in game invite.
Edit: TtH has came and cut it in half.
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myrese currently has 11 or 12 MW (from grinding honey) and would love to be invited to dinner.